Starkey Livio turns volume down a click several times a day when connected via bluetooth to my iphone

This is very frustrating. It doesn’t happen when bluetooth is turned off on my phone. I do have streaming (etc) and the Thrive app set up on my phone. I rarely activate the thrive app but streaming is always on (though seldom used).
Anyone have any ideas how to fix this? I have detached and reattached the aids to my bluetooth and of course rebooted the aids, to no avail. It happens for a couple weeks at a time then stops, then starts again. Thanks.
Edit: iphone 7 plus, latest version of iOS.

I don’t think there is a fix for it yet, but it is a common problem. My Audiologist and Starkey seem to suspect that it’s an iPhone issue. I suspect that they really don’t know what is going on, but it has definitely been reported and Starkey is looking into it. Are you using an iPhone or Android?

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Thanks, good to know. The latest version of iOS on an iphone 7 plus.


If it helps any I have Oticon OPNS aids and the issue you are talking about doesn’t happen to my aids

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Thanks for the info. I am part of a “pilot program” group, who was given a set of the Livio Edge AI for 60 days. The purpose is to provide feedback, find and report bugs, etc. It would be interesting to know if anyone using Livios with an android phone has this problem or not. This is the biggest issue that I have personally found. My time is up next week, but I really like these HA’s (even with this issue). I plan to purchase this pair when it’s all said and done. I’m pretty confident that the problem will be sorted out. Just to be clear, I have no inside info on anything that Starkey is doing.

Hi David,
Your post brought back a memory from 25 years ago. I went to an audiologist after seeing an ad or something. He gave me two different brands of hearing aids to let him know which one was the best. Different in each ear. I do remember in a restaurant the noise was so awful I could not stand it.

I cannot remember if he gave me a hearing test. No other tests, nothing. It has taken me a long time to realize that this was nothing more than a stunt to get me to purchase hearing aids. I hope this Audi or fitter that you are seeing is one that you know and have been going to a long time. Did they give you a choice to try different aids? Are you going to a Starkey dealer or does he offer many brands? My daughters friend goes straight to Starkey because they are right in this area. She loves them.

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Not at all, but I can see where you might have that concern. He is partial to Starkey, but sells other brands as well. I’ve been using this audiologist for 5 years, he’s never pressured me to buy anything. I came came to him from a different audiologist, because they were constantly screwing up my programming, and he got things right for me. Starkey runs this program once a year, when they release their new technologies. He asked me about a year ago if I’d be interested in it the next time they ran the program. You cannot be in the market for new hearing aids, and you have to have a good pair of hearing aids already. It’s simply a method they use to get real world testing, but he did tell me up front that people rarely return them. So there was definitely no deception. My reports, feedback, suggestions, etc. are reviewed by Starkey, and they follow up on it.

I do remember running into a situation like you are talking about. It was many years ago (maybe 15). We began to realize that I needed hearing aids, and I responded to a newspaper ad. I don’t remember the exact wording, but when we got there, he gave me a somewhat laughable exam, and then told me I didn’t qualify for the promotional pair (big surprise). However, he had me in the door at that point, so the sales pitch was on. Ultimately, we walked away from that, and it was another couple of years before I finally got my first pair.

So glad you have an Audi that you trust. As we have all been finding out in this forum that that is so important. Another thing that came to mind is that this Audi had a gorgeous office and He had photographs from all over the world indicating that he loved to travel. But not at my expense! Ha ha

Happy hearing with your new HA’s.

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