Starkey Inspire Software and NOAH Question


Hi, I just installed the Inspire software from the link on this site. After installation the Inspire did a software update to the latest 2017 version. Everything went very smooth.

After installing the Inspire software I installed the Patient Database software and that went in smoothly.

I am hoping to program Starkey Muse i2400 hearing aids. They are wireless but Starkey indicates they can be programmed wired with purple cables. I found a pair and they have been ordered. I didn’t want to spend the money on a mini-pro until I checked to see if everything else was going to work.

When I startup the Inspire software I receive a warning message that states “To enable sessions retrieval and save functionality you must install NOAH 4.0 or launch inspire from a supported office system. Continue anyways?”

I read elsewhere that NOAH is not needed but this seems to indicate that I will need it to save my sessions. Is that true? I am aware that this might just be a problem with not having a programmer yet because the software won’t let me do much ‘looking around’ unless there is a programmer attached.

I guess I’m looking for a little verification that I’ll be able to actually program these things.

Thanks for any info.



You can ignore the prompt if you installed Patient Database



NOAH is a software program, I am pretty sure that you need this to work with Starkey Inspire.



I have the Inspire software but not NOAH. I can’t save any of my sessions. What I do is take a screen shot of the fitting and print it out. This is a bit crude but at least it gives you some kind of a record of your settings.



Hi Russ,
Glad you posted. I’m at the same point with my self programming. Why don’t we contact by phone and help one another out.

I’ve got the software and a Hi-Pro with the cables that I got on-line.
Just haven’t gotten around to hooking up and using everything yet.




Thanks for all the input. I started up the Inspire program this evening and it prompted me to setup the patient database with username, password etc. which I did. It never mentioned NOAH this time. Maybe the Inspire software didn’t connect properly to the patient database when I first started it.

I still am limited as to what I can do with the software because it wants a programmer so I think my plan is 1st wait for my cables to arrive and make sure they’ll fit. Then I’ll look for a programmer and after that arrives I’ll update my progress.

Also, I printed out a Starkey “Patient Adjustment Guide” which has all the settings (like what to adjust for what type of problem) which the Audiologist used when she was programming my aids. I was able to watch some of what she did. I also need to research some of the terms, see what they mean, and see how they all work together. The software seems to have a really good help section which I’m sure I’ll be reading a lot.

But right now I feel my odds of actually programming my HA’s look better all the time.



:wink:, also don’t forget to check out the Free Education.



Thanks for reminding me.
I had looked at it a while back, but it had skipped my mind.
I’m definitely going to check it out as I need all the help I can get and there is no place better to get it from than from the pros.



Let us know when you confirm that Starkey Inspire + patient database will allow you to save your settings into the database.

If Inspire + patient database allows saving sessions in the database at the end of a fitting session, then I will go back to saying that you don’t need Noah software, period!

Run the fitting software standalone without Noah software. You never, ever, need Noah software for anything, nothing, nada, zip. Professionals need Noah software because they have to keep track of a gazillion clients. You don’t.

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Hi, I did a simulated program with the Inspire software. It indeed lets you save the session and retrieve it. No need for the NOAH software. It probably prompted me for it because I hadn’t rebooted the computer after installing the patient database. Once I did Inspire recognized it and all seems well.



Mini USB pro

Is this the right programmer? It seems like the only one they have with a reasonable price. The programmer is quite small 3 3/4" x 3 1/2" x 1"



Great! Thanks, we are back to normal. You don’t need Noah software.

I think maybe that’s the same as the mini Pro. Though, it has that blue GZRI-Sound logo on it. We have been buying from the this vendor.

But look at the bottom of the How to buy a mini Pro thread (see picture below). They have a better deal going here in the USA. This question also belongs on that thread so that all mini Pro buying questions are in one place.



The wireless Surflink Programmer is much easier if you can find one. I just moved up to Muse i1600 from Wi i110 that had gotten all buggy (boot issues among other things). With the Wi’s I just used the settings in the aids so never really needed a database but with my new PC I installed it like you. I haven’t had time to dig into programming these new aids yet, but will soon. Good luck and keep us posted.



I looked all over for a Surflink and it appears that they are quite hard to get. There had been one on ebay but it had been sold quite some time ago. Took me forever just to find the purple cables the ha’s need. It would have been much nicer to be able to do it wireless, but I will settle for the cabled programming.



Hi can you share the link to download inspire?



If it was a snake it would have bit you. Scroll back up two posts earlier and see the instructions to click the pvc avatar and then click the link to pvc’s main thread. Once you are in pvc’s main thread you will see a link for How to find fitting software.

Also @52de6b82e1f48d5c98c7 , if you are going to be here a while as opposed to just passing through, then take a look at Hearing Tracker Tips in the Forum support category. Extra points if you learn what is Step 1 for learning how to self program hearing aids.



Hi Russ,
Where did you get the “Patient adjustment guide”? I’d like to take a look at that.



Hi Allen;

There are a couple different guides according to which aids you have.

This is for Synergy, Muse, Soundlens, and Halo2.

This seems to cover most of the rest.

Also, I just found this one which appears to be more general but seems to have the information from the above two, and it is called “Patient Report Adjustment Guide” If you print it, print landscape.

Hopefully, that’ll give you a little more information about how to use the Inspire program. If anything makes a big difference for you let me know.




can i please have a link to download Starkey inspire software 2018 or the latest one available