Starkey Hearing aids for profound loss

Anyone here wearing Starkey Genesis or Evolv for profound loss ?
Looking for opinions.

Check my audiogram I have severe to profound and wear the starkey evolv AI Bicros and am happy with them.

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Laura, I have severe loss although I have not posted my latest audiogram. Recent test showed only 25 percent comprehension and they want me to undergo testing for coculair implant. They called Starkey and reviewed my situation. Starkey recommended Evolo 2400ais with 13 battery BTE. Most powerful they have I am very pleased. Lots of power in all settings. This is probably my fifth cycle of Starleys so can’t compare to other makers. Suggest you try what Starkey recommends.

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Yes. I have a Starkey Evolve AI with CROS on my bad side. It allows sounds on that side to go into my good ear through a microphone. There is no hearing aid on the bad ear. I have had these since November and I’m very pleased but Starkey just came out with the new Genesis AI model which is supposed to be even better. I will be fitted with those on 5/22 so can update you further in a few days.


I don’t like the the new aids that uses the battery size 13. Depending on how much power you need for those with deep profound hearing loss, the 13 battery will not last a week. It’s why l prefer aids with the 675 battery.

I have profound hearing loss with full deafness after 3K. And I have 11 days on battery 13 with my Oticon Chili, Oticon Dynamo, and Xceed 2 and 1.

That’s interesting. Mine with 13 size battery doesn’t last a week because l do lots of TV streaming every day.

No debate here, obviously your audiogram done at the clinic is the most accurate, to many variables online.

I have done a few over the years, I’ve found that the online are only any good when calibrated, otherwise it’s to hard to know exactly, using the manufacturer’s software in-situ audiogram has given me best results in this regard for programming HAs, it’s shown to be quite close to the audiogram performed by the clinics, different in a few frequencies of course (which was a good thing in my case)

I have Evolo 2400s AI with 13 battery and batteries last about 8 or more days. I stream a lot.

@Terost likely your size 13 don’t last as long beside your loss is worse. More amplification in the lows. I get 5 days with Phonak Sky M70 SP.

I am getting less than 7 days with my size 13 batteries.

Throw me in with 675’s in Phonak Naidia Paradise UP. They last 2 weeks with moderate streaming.

Update. I was fitted with Starkey Genesis Cros in May. It only comes with rechargeable batteries which is new to me and takes getting used to. But the quick charger only takes 3-4 hours overnight. It can even charge when unplugged for a few charges so handy if traveling. The Cros works ok but the balance resets to center position when charging so have to keep manually moving it to the Cros Mike side each day. Edge AI is not working near as well as they claim so speech in noise is still a big problem for me. A lot to like overall but still not totally sold on them. Quantum leap better than the Resounds I had for 4 years though.