Starkey Halo 2 vs Costco KS6

After years of not wearing my old Widex Passion hearing aid, I decided to look into the world of hearing aids once again. I visited an audiologist after hearing about the Halo 2 and its BT capabilities with the iPhone. Once all discounts are taken off (including insurance), my cost would be approx. $4,000 CDN out of pocket for a pair. This would be for the top of the line one (the 24 channels one).

As I was doing my research, I came across Costco’s KS6. I know this HA is similar to the ReSound Linx with some very minor differences and that it is one generation behind the most recent release. And I also know this one has 17 channels (vs the Halo 2’s top of the line 24 channels). For this one, once all my discounts/insurance are applied, I’m looking at just under $200 out of pocket.

My question is, what am I missing out on by choosing the KS6 over of the Halo 2? Anything justifying the $3800 difference? If the difference is significant, I’m okay with paying more, but if it is nothing noticeable, that’s a pretty significant cost difference to justify…

And one more minor question, is there any significant advantage to having the Halo app vs the KS6 app?

Any help/advice/suggestion would be greatly appreciated as I can’t really find any info comparing those two.

There is no practical difference between 17 and 24 channels. Costco now offers the Linx2 for about $1000 more. All it really provides is Spatial locating feature. You may or may not want/need that feature. Linx and Linx2 are the same hardware platform with software being the updated difference. Either can provide direct connection to recent (seriec5 +) iphones.

Costco has in-store demos of all their aids. You could try both and decide.

Some features of the Halo 2 that you might find useful include the size 13 battery for longer streaming time, built-in t-coil, and tinnitus functionality with app control. The TruLink app also supports alerts from the Apple notification center service. Additionally, Halo 2 has specific processing features to better handle music, if that’s important to you.

Maybe this info is somewhere but I seem unable to find it… I read somewhere that the Halo 2 has 20 “memories” for the various places you go to. Does the KS6 HAs have the same?

Yes, the Kirkland Signature Choice app allows you to add up to 20 favorite places.

Do you happen to know if they are available in Canada?
Are they called ReSound Cala or Sola??
Do these have the bigger battery?

Sorry, don’t know about Canada. Best bet is to call the Costco Hearing Center near you.