Starkey Genesis DX

After many months trailing the latest digital hearing aids and not being able to put up with their pitfalls ie; poor sound quality, too much compression, slow laggy switching between programs, nothing sounding “real” and bluetooth that “nearly” works. I think i have found the perfect solution for me and hopefully anyone else who is having problems with the digital format, the above mentioned hearing aids.
The sound quality is outstanding, things sound how they should, i can tell the difference between loud and quiet, music sounds rich and detailed, my guitar sounds lovely again! Films sound great! Granted they may not have bluetooth and loads of different settings but the sound quality makes losing these “essential” features worthwhile!!! and the best bit they cost nothing like the supposedly “better” digitals!
Granted these will not suit everyone but if you are a long time user, film lover, music lover or simply cannot get along with the digitals then i strongly suggest giving these a try. I love them so much i’m going to get a second pair for when these break and you absolutely cannot get them any more!
And finally if anyone from starkey reads this please don’t discontinue this line for myself these are an absolute god-send in this “digital” era!!!

What does your audiogram look like. I’m curious due to the difficulties you’ve been having. I presume you have a higher level loss?

sorry should have put that with my posting


where do you get those numbers from? Obviously, your audi, but is there a name for it so she knows what I’m talking about? Are they standard spectrum band points that all audis use?

its how many decibels at certain frequencies before you register those sounds eg: @1k the right ear requires 60 db and the left 65 db before they are registered(unaided) hence the audi knows what amplification is required to suit your loss. i am in the moderate to severe range. hope this helps

Thanks for this post. I had a quick look and I think it might not be powerful enough for me as I use Behind the Ear hearing aid all my life. Anyone with severe hearing loss got a hearing aid they are happy with for music? I play the piano a lot and I am really pissed off with the digital hearing aids. Music sounds better WITHOUT my hearing aid even.

You should consider analog hearing aids for music.

I have Starkey Destiny 1200s, and when I switch to music mode, they are outstanding. In music mode, I get zero compression. They are much better than my old analogues, because they amplify the higher sounds without compression or any distortion that I can preceive.

In fact, I am now hearing things in the music that I didn’t know I was missing.