Starkey Evolv AI [power plus bte] – trial and errors?

A bit of a provocation in the title, ok. I have these HAs in trial (after a 1 year waiting time). I come from a 7yo Starkey’s HAs (2016 ric model and in those 7 years I’ve been losing some more hearing).

One relevant aspect is related to RIC vs BTE. It’s my first time with BTE and it’s quite different. Sounds seem clear and less shouted, except cars. It will be difficult to give an accurate evaluation. Especially given that [changing the overall type of HAs] is probably giving more benefits than [7 years developments].

Such perplexity come from 1 recurrent situation – the “Thrive” app dedicated to these HAs keep crushing, like every 10 seconds. A bit frustrating. So, I have questions. Like, why to claim functions that doesn’t work most of the time with the app crushing? 1 out of 10 times I could test "“Edge mode” – listening and adapting “smart” regulation. Other functions are claimed like “transcription” and it never worked [nevermind]. Also some functions are clearly targeting older clients with fall allerts etc and I don’t know if they work.

Let’s be clear – it’s not an essential to HAs to have app-driven functions. That’s said, during my trial, this app it’s not a fully functional aid to your listening experience. In such situation, I have my “pre-loaded” programs (normal, streaming etc) and good luck with anything in between. The “bare HAs experience” like when I was a teen and bluetooth was not integrated in HAs. Similarly I’m a bit surprised how Bluetooth accessories are the same from 7 years ago, even more surprisingly in the whole new 2023 Genesis RIC series. Not an essential again, just an observation.

A pro I can feel. I can see how they worked on the HAs weight in this model and it’s a nice touch.

According to the fitter the interval between adjustable frequencies is broader and that would allow more regulation in high pitched sounds. I don’t know what the impact could be in the overall experience.

Anyway, I was given a price reference [for Italy], like 4.300 Euros per each, total for 2 pieces is 8.600 Euros. It’s quite expensive. I can see myself spending a similar price if I get something that work for like 7 to 10 years (especially given that it’s the more powerful option, nothing above).

Any consideration would help. I’m not rushing any decision.

Hi buiononsense,

Buongiorno. Piacere di conoscerti.

8,600 euros is outrageous. Molto costoso.

I would look elsewhere.

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You didn’t write what technological level your hearing aid is?
The price can be high because of this increased technological level. it would also not be a bad idea to ask if there are others who sell the same hearing aid.

By the way, if you want, try more Phonak Naida Lumity (technology levels 30, 50, 70, 90) is the least cheapest and the most expensive.

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Yes, the model i have into trial is a top tier – 2400 tech level. I would really like to try out the Phonak BTE Lumity for comparison, even if I mind you how the RIC Lumity Model was priced around 10k or even 11K euros. It’s absurd.

Evolv is an older model. Genesis is the current Starkey model.

Price seems high for an outdated model.

BTW, the app for Evolv HAs is pretty poor. You can search for past threads regarding the app.

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Thanks for your feedback.

Yes, I know in the US it’s an older model. Here in Italy it took ages to arrive, even the RIC model and sellers thinks people don’t look for informations themselves. I should look into datasheet to see if Starkey made avaiable the Advaced Power (AP) ric model, since that would be the exact type of my current HAs. Also, I asked if any BTE would be avaiable in the Genesis series and got told “for what we know it will not be produced”.

Like I said in real life – I did not married Starkey. I don’t know why the seller-fitter push it so much. I’m avaiable for more trial and we will see.

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