Starkey DIY questions

I have a pair of Starkey hearing aids, and would like to self program them. They say Z series on the outside, and have 15-11 89585 mR312d written inside the battery tray. From my limited research I think they’re Starkey Z Series i110 micro RIC 312 wireless. I think I’ll need…

  1. PatientBase Software
  2. Inspire Software
  3. Surflink Programmer ($150+) (Unable to find yet)
  4. Hi-Pro / Mini Pro ($60-150+)
  5. 2x Starkey CS44 Purple Straight Cables ($25+) (Unable to find yet)
  6. 2x Orange Flex Strip Programming Connection ($20+)

The Surflink Programmer seems like the easiest and cheapest route, but a Hi-Pro would be more versatile. I haven’t been able to find the Surflink or CS44 Purple cables for sale anywhere yet.

If you can, move this thread to the DIY forum for better help.

I use a serial-2-USB adapter for my serial Hi-Pro. However, mileage may vary depending on the chip used in your adapter. I got a cheap one from AliExpress .

I used a CS44 connector to connect to the flexstrip. If you need a CS44a connector, just use a mini-DIN extension cable and switch some wire connections. (Search the DIY forum for a howto.) So the connection chain is (Hi-Pro with miniDIN)–(Optional miniDIN extension for conversion to CS44a)–(CS44 cable)(flex strip).

I use the Hi-Pro–CS44–flexstrips to connect to my brother’s Unitron aids. I use the Hi-Pro–resoldered-miniDIN-extension–CS44 to connect to my Phonak aids.

That being said the Hi-Pro serial is ancient and I am very glad when I receive the Marvel aids and I can switch to Noahlink Wireless. If you still have to acquire a programmer, you might be better off to look for newer aids that use a newer programmer.

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Could I get away with buying one CS44 connector and one Orange flex strip, and programming the hearing aids one at a time, or are two required? In other words, will a right hearing aid connect to a left connector and vise versa?

With Phonak you could but why would you not get the pair?

Can’t find a pair of CS44 purple straight cables for sale. There are currently only right ones for sale on feeBay. I’ll just continue waiting.

Thanks for all the great tips! It gave me enough confidence to try programming my Starkey 2400’s myself when I can not get in to see the audiologist.
I have been making very, very minor tweaks in order not to throw them off so much, I can’t use than as I can not save settings as a back-up.
I use the Noahlink with inspire software and have it down fairly good, considering my original audiologist just couldn’t get them correctly balanced.
My problem is the default volumes when they turn on are too high, the black default rick marks. I can’t figure out which setting in Inspire this would be and if I turn down gain to be normal at that level, I can’t hear over any type of background noise, and by the end of the day, I need to push the volume up, whether it is the batteries are weaker, or my hearing is just too tired.
I couldn’t find any newer comparable postings, so apologize if I didn’t post correctly.
Thanks for any input anyone can help with.