Starkey Destiny 400


Just signed up for the forums and have been reading quite a bit, loving all the information!

I have been wearing HA’s for about 12 years and had an unfortunate incident with my widex aid last week…I am now looking for new HA’s and my budget will only allow so much…So, I had impressions taken yesterday and am looking at the Starkey Destiny 400’s. Does anyone have any experience with these aids?


Why are you not going back to the Widex brand?

The Destiny 400 is fairly old technology for Starkey. Most likely you are being sold a used aid? If you don’t mind me asking, how much are you paying? If these aids are brand new, I wonder why you aren’t being offered the S Series 5 for the same amount of money…

I had one Starkey Destiny. Great sound, and powerful.

I have two and am very happy with them so far.:smiley:

I know they are an older technology but my audi told me about $900 per ear…do you think that is out of line? I thought it sounded pretty good based on my research.

I am not against going with Widex again I just thought I would do my due diligence and look at other options this time around. I jumped pretty quick last time and thought I would do some testing. I am going with a CIC as I work in the broadcast world and need to comfortably fit my headphones on each day.

To me it seems like a false economy. You are buying technology that has been made obsolete by four generations of improvements, and even when this device was current, about fourth best in the lineup.

If you are going to invest that kind of money, I’d spend a bit more and get something current. I agree with looking at Starkey though, and the Destiny 400 is a solid aid, but it would be a bit like buying the original iPod instead of the nice ones they have now.

Well, after a visit witht the audi he also recommends the Oticon Ino or Ion…Sorry, not familiar with the brand…But it is their entry level as well…How would you compare the two aids…the Starkey Destiny 400 and the Oticon Ino?

As much as I am a fan of Starkey, I can’t imagine why anyone is trying to sell a Destiny 400, since it is completely obsolete technology now. There isn’t a great deal of technical information on the site about the Ino, but it seems to be from a more modern family than the Starkey.

So I guess I’d have to recommend the Oticon. However, you are not comparing like with like. It would be like me offering to sell you a 2011 Camaro or a 2008 Mustang for the same price.

Any of the top brand hearing aids are good. What you are actually paying for is the audiologist experience with that particular technology. There may be a few features that one manufacturer has over another, but if you are working on a budget you probably aren’t looking for advanced features anyway. The Dest 400 may be older technology, but its a good aid for that price. At $900 and ear you would be hard pressed to find a better aid.

Maybe you could ask to trial the Starkey E Series 3 CIC and the Oticon Ino CIC… Should be in similar price ranges, but most likely more in the $1200 range each.

The Destiny 400 is a good hearing aid, and at the price range your looking at pretty hard to beat. I would be hard pressed to make a case that newer technology is going to make any difference at all in a 4 channel hearing instrument.

It doesn’t make sense though: the series is pretty much obsolete - there’s better aids out there on later platforms with better feedback control etc, why would you want to opt for a technology set that is out of date now and probably during the life of the aid will disappear completely?

honestly if you are looking for an affordable hearing aid and good service u should look on i have been goin through them for all my needs since i could walk. i have had unilateral hearing loss since i was able to walk. they are always friendly helpful and informational. and if u like the destiny from starkey u should take a look at they symphron or the all rite from hearsource.

Hey, thanks all for the feedback…no pun intended :slight_smile: I will be trying out the Starkey’s for 30 days…If I am not happy with them I am going to give the Widex Real’s a try…If that is not satisfactory it’s off to Oticon land for a trial there.

I really appreciate all of your thoughts.



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