Starkey AMP

Has anyone used these? I talked to a guy that had them and seemed to like them. He has not sure what type of hearing loss he had. Do the work for high freq loss. I’m not considering them just wondered about them .

Yes, they are actually BEST for high frequency loss. But they aren’t a great option- for anyone. Here’s why.

They are not a custom product. This is a one size fits all aid that is not molded to your ear, or programmed to your exact loss. In addition, and because of this, they do not lend themselves to flexible adjustments in the future, in the event that things don’t sound right, or your hearing gets worse. In your case, it’s not the best option. You need so much power in the high frequencies, that I have a very hard time believing that these are going to give you enough power without whistling. They may be fine for a year or two, but after that, your going to be scratching your head as you realize you need “more” hearing aid, and may need to purchase a custom made product. Having said all that, it IS a good option for certain people, like those who just noticed they have a loss, and it is very mild. In your case I don’t think it’s a good choice, but it never hurts to try. Good luck with whatever you decide.

Yeah, I mostly agree. They are actually surprisingly adjustable for such a low end aid, they have about four preset settings, and then you can tweak various parameters quite a bit. But I too get the impression that a typical user will wish they had invested in something better.

Truth be told I think that’s the idea. Sell something like this with a view to an up sell later on.