Starkey 3 series i110

Hello folks,
I had a recent hearing test to determine my level of hearing loss. Test shows moderate to severe. I have seen an Audi. to start my selection search and she recommended Starkey 3 Series i110’s in the CIC style. I would like input from anyone who has used these aids. Both good and bad.

Thanks in advance for taking time to reply.


I just got those on Friday 2/7. I have moderate to severe hearing loss also. I had Phonak CICs (the high end ones whcih are similarly priced) before and the Audi recommended these. After 2 days so far, I am not sure if I like them. The sound is a little too artificial compared to the Phonaks. The clatter of utensils, car doors, etc is much more annoying with these than the Phonaks. I also got the SurfLink Mobile and the SurfLink Media. I have played around around with the Mobile and eating dinner at a restaurant Friday night, the directional microphone with the Focus and Surround settings was useless to me. I haven’t taken the Media unit out of the box as so far, I’m rather disappointed with the 110s. I am going to give a solid 3 week trial, and if unhappy still at that time, back to Phonaks. I didn’t really have any issues with the Phonak but decided to go with the Starkeys on the audi’s rec.

It’s an exceptional hearing aid. I just fit a set to a lady on Thursday who was previously wearing SoundLens but they were no longer powerful enough for her. Spent quite a bit of time in her home setting up the Surflink Media (for TV streaming), and her telephone settings. I knew she was going to be very difficult to please, but she was crying with joy by the end of the appointment. I don’t think the size 10 batteries are going to last long at all while streaming, but we’ll see. I don’t see any reason why you shouldn’t be successful with them. However, the RIC is probably going to be more comfortable and provide a better sound quality, but it’s not as discrete of course.

Starkey aids are known for being “hot”- you hear everything. This is a pretty common complaint and it’s something your dispenser can easily adjust. Try the media unit, I think you’ll really like it.

Been wearing HA for over 45 years. i LOVE my 3 series i90. The best HA I ever owned. Works really well with cell phones without having to use t-coil. (Always used t-coil my entire life). sound quality is superb.