Starkey 3 Series 110 + Surflink

Hi there Friends,

I’ve had my new Starkeys now for about 3 weeks and so far I really like them. Last week I was on a business trip with large group meetings and presentations, and with the surflink, they passed with flying colors! I was able to sit in a very noisy college cafeteria and understand the guy across the table from me.

I still have problems with men’s voices (like Dad’s :() but these critters are so much better than my last HAs. And the Surflink has made TV (and work stuff like presentations and large group meetings) do able again. For awhile I was afraid that I would have to change to a job that doesn’t require meetings ;)).

So far I have not had any problems with connectivity with the Surflink, though it has not been as easy as I thought it would be to use with multiple devices. Of course I would like a longer battery life, too (or at least to be able to use it while it is charging :eek:). But so far I’m happy with it.

Cheers comrades!


I’ve got SurfLink with my Micro Tech/Starkey and you can use it while charging.

Questions about your surflink:

I’ve watched the demos and read the brochures, but this has not been addressed…

If your cell phone rings, can you answer the phone WITH the phone, and it automatically work through the surflink, or do you have to answer it WITH the surflink?

When you MAKE a cell phone call, can you just pick the phone up and start dialing and the audio automatically routes through your surflink, or do you have to press a button on your surflink to divert the audio through it?

With my Mini-Tek and Tek, I have the OPTION of answering the phone with the phone controls, or answering it with a button on the remote, but of course I have to hold the remote or have it hanging close to my face as a microphone.

How far away from your surflink can you be and still get audio from it. (i.e. using it in a hotel room to pick up television audio)

If you have your bluetooth connected, then when the phone rings, you have the option of answering the call using either the phone or the surflink. Same with ending the call. You can set the surflink to pick up your voice thru the mics in the aids themselves or the mic in the surflink as well, and can change mid call.

I have found the media streaming function to be a little less than desired. I have to keep the device near me for it to hold a signal. But I have not tried it in a hotel room to know for sure how it might work in that setting.

In your phone options be sure “Bluetooth” is on.

Pair the phone to the Blue Tooth Device.

I answer the phone and choose whether I simply answer, use Speaker, or use Blue tooth. Just a matter of one more click.

I really like the SurfLink while watching TV. I turn on the surflink, set it to remote, click “focus” and point the device at the TV speakers. I can sit it right by me and point at the TV from around 10 feet or I can set the remote directly in front of the TV and take myself back to the couch and both ways work fine. I can get up go to the kitchen with is 2 walls and 20 feet away and still hear while getting ice, etc.

As I said it also works great at lunch or dinner in noisy restaurants. IT has focus or surround.

My house isn’t large enough to get more than about 15 feet from the TV and be in the same room. Certainly no issues with this kind of range.

That’s intriguing. Almost every day of my work week I have to sit in an office with an entire family, and invariably there will be someone in that office that speaks VERY softly while the others speak normally, and true to their nature, the soft speaking members of the group will always find the seat way back in the corner “away from the action”. This drives me nuts and is something I’ve never been able to “fix” or program in with my HAs. My end result has always been an optional program that I call “Give me all you got”, because enduring the painful loud voices next to the desk is the only way I can HEAR the soft ones on the corner! If I could set the Surflink on my desk and merely point it at the weak speaker, that might solve a lot of issues!

The whole cell phone issue is one that I will probably never be satisfied with. I want to talk ON the phone and listen IN my ears. I want to hold the phone up just like everybody else, and I want to see the buttons so I can “press 2 for Jennifer” etc, and I want to press the buttons on the phone to make a call. I just gotta find a phone or a system that will blue tooth ONLY the audio out portion of the call, and not the audio in, which would then work just like plugging a set of earbuds in to your iphone and using the phone normally. I’m thinking a small, rechargeable blue tooth transmitter that plugs into a 3.5mm stereo jack might do the trick, but pairing it to the remote might get tricky. I’m also thinking it would be better just to stick my Mini-Tek to the back of my cell phone and DAI it to the headphone jack.

Got to be a better way!!! :mad:

Hi Julie,

I also have the Starkey 3-series and LOVE them especially the surflink. In regards to wishing you can charge while using the streamer. As mentioned you can charge while streaming via Bluetooth, but if you want to use the audio jack, I found a cord that allows you to charge AND use a audio jack at the same time and it works perfectly. Let me know if you are interested, I still have the link of the guy selling it on e-bay.

Hey jgirardi.
Would you so kind to share the cable link to make sure is the same one I plan to get??
Thanks a lot,

Hello jgirardi. Could you help me understand if this information is correct please??
My audi suggested me to buy a pair of Starkey HAs (Ric i110 for left and i30 AP with mold for right) and I also got the Surflink Mobile… Now today someone here in the forum told me that the 2 devices are not compatible and I won’t be able to get binaural functionalities as well as wireless communication between the two aids, etc.
Do you if this is correct?? I’m running crazy about this.

The same audi which I recommended to my dad, sold him a 3 Series Ric i70 and told him that it doesn’t have programs capabilities, while I think it does.

Is it that my audi doesn’t know what she’s doing and it’s costing us a lot of money???

I am so frustrated…

Hey jgirardi…
Could give me a hand with the charge & stream at-the-same-time cable?? I ordered one fro Amazon, but didn´t make the trick…

Do you have a link or a picture of the cable??



Sorry, I just saw this today. I have the contact information for the cable that can charge and stream at the same time. and yes it DOES work specifically with the surflink. Do you still need the info?

I am not sure what you mean when you say you got an i110 in one ear and an i30 in the other. Are they different models all together? I have never done that before. The only reason why that may make sense id ebcasue you have two different models in each ear. As for the i70, they are programmable, any audiologist that tells you today’s digital hearing aids are not programmable should be shot. Stay away from that bum!!! he is flat out lying to you. EVERY MODERN DAY DIGITAL HEARING AID IS PROGRAMMABLE. It is isn’t, it isn’t a hearing aid worth buying at all.

Thanks jgirardi.
In fact my audiologist did ordered me a i110 on my left and a i30 in my right… at the same time!!
I got a lot of help from someone here in the forum and guided me through what I needed to ask, so I already ordered the i110 for my right also, in order to take full advantage of binaural features. So hopefully, I will be getting that soon.


Yes, I am still interested in the charge and stream at the same time cable.
Also I saw another post of you where you mentioned a Bluetooth adapter to be used with the TV and it was compatible with the surflink… Do you still have that information??

Thanks again,


Charge and Stream Cables: Search eBay for “Surflink Mobile Charge and Stream”.

I would leave a link, but I’m selling them one after another. I try to keep five in stock at a time.

You can also e-mail me through this forum and sell them directly using PayPal.

Thank you all for enjoying the cables as much as I do (I’m streaming my radio right now with the cable).

Longer Streaming Only Cables:

I also started making longer streaming only cables for the Surflink Mobile. They are like the original that comes with the Surflink, only longer, about 2 feet long.

Great product, ordered mine today. Excellent price. Others are popping up at twice the price.

Have had my 3 Series i110 CIC with Surflink and Media for almost a year. Love them to death and put them through their paces every day. Only problem is I dropped my left aid and the housing shattered. It landed on laminated floor so I don’t understand why it shattered. Collected all the pieces and shipped them off for repair. I’ve been wearing HA for almost 40 years and this is the first time something like this happened. I thought the shells were semi solid with the guts sealed in. I guess not.


I can’t say enough good things about this cable! WOW great job. It is professionally made and an excellent cable well worth every penny. I can’t believe it costs less than what my AuD wants for a corded lanyard! That lanyard is a goofy priced product.

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I can’t say enough good things about this cable! WOW great job. It is professionally made and an excellent cable well worth every penny. I can’t believe it costs less than what my AuD wants for a corded lanyard! That lanyard is a goofy priced product.