Standard tube BTEs

Hi, I haven’t written in a while. I guess that’s mainly because I’ve been so satisfied with my Widex BTEs with standard tubes. I have no idea if Widex is better than any other brand. But I do know that BTEs work better for me than RICs (of which I have had many) despite my mainly high frequency loss. Going from narrow tubes to standard tubes gave them a little extra edge. I also have a great audiologist.

These aids are not exactly invisible, but I am long past caring about that. I’ll probably try a different brand next time, but I’m going to stick with BTEs and standard tubes. I do not particularly like rechargeables, so I hope they keep #13 batteries, which last me at least 5 days of full time use.



hi, are your hearing aid tubes fitted with a custom mold on the end that goes into your ear canals, or with a dome?

Hi Paul, I should have noted that. Well-vented full shell custom molds. I’ve done between hard acrylic molds and soft silicone molds. Silicone is a bit more comfortable. Here’s a picture. //Steve