Speech recognition

I have read here that when we lose our hearing, over time our speech recognition decreases. This is very frightening to me-especially since I have pretty severe loss and am not that old (in my 40s).

Are there any exercises or programs to retain speech recognition, or relearn the speech recognition we have lost?

you can try lace

If you’re hearing loss if ‘pretty severe’ at 40, you likely have some underlaying medical condition and need to see and ENT who specialize in hearing loss.

I was diagnosed by my ENT. He was surprised by my level of loss at my age, especially given that I wasn’t in the military, didn’t play in a band, etc., etc. Seems to be hereditary to some degree.

As for “face,” well-that one’s obvious. I was wondering if there was some program out there, a series of exercises to try, etc.

Getting a hearing aid(s) does not stop your hearing deteriorating if there is an underlying medical condition, but it will help you to utilise best what you have left and maintain the plastic pathways of you hearing centre within your brain.

The program that helps with speech recognition via a computer program with exercises is called “LACE”. Dont get that confused with face.:slight_smile:

I am 41 and have a moderate to moderately severe loss in both ears since my mid-20’s…I have 100 percent speech discrimination when aided. I really think it’s because I got aids as soon as I realized I had a problem, or at least maybe it helped keep those brain pathways open. Another reason is (I think this is true?) because my audiogram is fairly flat, with equal loss (basically) across the frequencies? Not sure but it seems like that would help with speech discrim.

I say get and wear hearing aids…and keep those brain pathways working.

Uh OH- I just realized I misread “lace” for “face” above. I read it prior to my morning coffee…maybe I need new glasses!

Sorry about that!