Specsavers Advance Elite

Hi glucas
Thanks for your reply. Sonova make the Advance range for Specsavers however I see Specsavers has listed their elite model as having the same features as multiple Signia models and phonak paradise 90.
My issue is the Advance Elite which I have purchased seems to dampen ALL sound instead of background noise as desired. After 2 adjustments I’m starting to lose faith and may return them.
I was wondering if you resolved your issues with yours or changed brands?

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Hi Bab,

In the end I kept the aids. I spoke to the audi about my concerns and she added a program that was missing - “speech in loud noise,”. I am still within the 100 day trial program but I think, on balance, I will hang on to them, as there have been a lot of benefits, that I described above, in spite of my concerns about the noise. I have had a better experience using them with my Roger On iN accessory and I was also made aware of the graphic equalisier on the app, which can be more finely tuned in the noise program. I have also found that in a lot of one and one situations there is a definite improvement.

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That’s positive! I have another final appointment on Tuesday and it’ll be make or break for me. I’ve started making another plan for others in case as I’m that disappointed. But with luck this next visit will resolve my issues.

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Don’t give up on those hearing aids too soon.

Tell the audiologist to turn up the sounds in your environment if they are too quiet.

If the sound is not deep enough, tell it so, so it will lower the highs and boost the deeps. And tell him if it’s the other way around, if it’s too deep and not high enough.
Think about the details, if necessary, put on old hearing aids and compare how you hear. maybe an audiologist can improve the sound.

Thank you however I’ve done that. I’ve kept a list of all my difficulties and she has made adjustments to try to help me. The app (in Australia) is so basic too that I can’t adjust anything except volume or sharpness but I don’t want to be doing that each time I start my day and not convinced this helps in any way. I can work with the Audi but my trial is running out and I’m not going to accept them if they can’t resolve my issues in the next week.

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If they’re Phonak, in my experience this could just be down to bad programming, as the first fit has been as you describe every time sonce Phonak Marvel.

Have they, maybe, given you domes, where moulds would be more appropriate for your loss? My UK NHS revommended domes for my loss, which was wholly inappropriate. They were just being lazy.


I had my first hearing aid test a few weeks ago, as my hearing has been getting worse over the last year or so. I found it hard at times to follow a conversation also had to have the text activated on the tv to watch programmes.
So it came to that time to visit Specsavers. I will add the last I saw was very professional and helpful. After the test as I was not surprised to hear I needed aids, I decided to go for the top of the range Advanced Elite.
I collected them a few days ago, and yes at first I found things quite clear even could hear most of the conversations on the TV if I concentrated. But now I find the tv hard to hear again and things although better not great.

Wax traps are likely blocked?

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Hi thank you for your reply

Has a follow up meeting with spec savers and discussed my concerns. They have now activated the app, which gives a few options to adjust in different environments. They all increased the sound little.
3 days in now after adjustment, watching the TV is still hard and I do miss a lot of the speech
( This was the main reason I had my ears tested, due to that I had to watch tv with ( subtitles )
Also as my job is outside a lot, the wind noise is bad and very off putting.
I was told that in ear would reduce the wind noise, but I do like the ideal of the small behind ear aids, as very discreet, and in about 3 weeks no one has noticed I am wearing aids.
I would like to add that Specsavers have been very good.

I just hope that I will be able to one day watch tv and hear the complete conversation.