Spare Hearing Aid Set

Hello I am creating this for a family member that is not internet savvy, Question I am getting ready to get a new set of UP hearing aids, they will no longer service the set I am wearing (I was going to use as my spare set), What is a good spare set of UP hearing aids that are cost effective and serviceable?
Thank you for your time and response. Brad

Are the new ones bte or ric style? If Ric you could have an extra set of receivers (the speakers that go in the ears). The receivers are the most common point of failure, and you could swap those out yourself. But, some brands only allow UP in an encased mold, meaning your backup receivers would have to have their own molds, making the total backup receivers around $400-500. The plain receivers without encased molds would be around $100-200 /pair.

Another thought, some repair shops service them longer than the manufacturers. Lloyds would probably be worth a call. They can tell you how long they will repair certain brands.