Sound quality Phonak TV connector vs Bluetooth


Yes, my system does not use the TV speakers. The Denon controls my system which has ten speakers. According to Gr8dane the Denon does not have an optical out jack??


I should add the main reasons I am getting the TV Connector is 1) so I can listen to loud/violent movies with the system muted so it doesn’t upset my wife as my system can rock the house with these types of movies and 2) so I can use the Marvels easily with my laptop computer for videos and skyping.


Super nice receiver, but only optical audio input, not output unfortunately. I’m heading back out of town as well for more racing, so we’ll see how soon I can get to it.


Yikes, I think @GR8Dane is right. I looked at the rear panel of Denon AVR-X5200W. There are Optical inputs. But no Optical outputs. Bummer.


Mine is the AVR-X4300H and I looked on the internet and there is only optical input on the back. There is however an audio L and R connection on the front of the receiver as well as a headphone jack. I’m wondering if the headphone jack would work?? or if there is a way to use the audio L/R jacks?


I think both would work in connector# 4 of the manual;

  • 3.5 jack plug right in
  • RCA L/R cables plus RCA-to-3.5 adapter should work too


Wouldn’t the zone 2 pre-out be what Gr8dane and lefty need. It looks like rca jacks. It might have to be enabled through the menu.


The manual you referenced is actually for the older audeo hearing aids but the connections are probably the same for the newer TV Connector for the Marvels. The only difference I see is the newer unit has some imaging on the top of it. It seems for my needs the simplest and quickest setup will be using the headphones jack on the front of the Denon and perhaps even using the USB connection for power which will also facilitate a quick transfer over to using it with my laptop. I guess I’ll find out next Thursday. Thanks for all the help guys.


Are there different models of the TV connector (new vs old)?


Yes. There is TV Link 2 for Phonak B and, I think, V (Costco Brio 2 and 3). There is a new tv transmitter that currently only works for the Marvel.


There are two user manuals? The latter is written in Norwegian and has markings on top;


Yes, the Norwegian manual is for the Marvel TV Connector. You can see it on Amazon but they show it as unavailable. Apparently my audiologist has two in stock and her price is $279.


So I have another question about the TV Connector. I have all my system components behind a door to the right of my TV. The door has a fabric “screen” cover so my remote can “shoot” through it. My question is will the TV Connector work properly behind the fabric?


It will work while you go to the privy :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Ok!! Can’t wait to try it out. Thanks.


finally took the time to connect my TV connector to my TV… It was a little finicky about being within the suggested 3 ft to it for the initial pairing. But after that it worked flawlessly for me.

Sound quality seems to be a little bit better than Bluetooth music streaming for me.

Best of all, the TV connector doesn’t seem to be draining the battery anywhere near as much as Bluetooth does. I just watched a 2+ hour movie with it and the HA battery level barely dropped 10%

This is great.


I’m supposed to get a TV Connector Monday from the audiologist.

I don’t have a TV any more, but I do watch videos and movies on my laptop – either docked and on my desk’s big monitor or, say, in bed in plain laptop mode.

When the laptop is docked, I can switch the audio output to the speakers on my desk attached to the dock, or to the laptop’s headphone jack.

When I get the TV Connector, I plan on connecting it to the laptop’s headphone jack. This way when docked, I can either blast the audio over the speakers, or stream it to my Marvels so I don’t annoy others around me. (There is no “optical out” anything on my system.) And undocked (i.e., plain laptop mode), it will still just stream to the Marvels and not bother anyone.

But when I’m in bed or wherever watching a movie with someone, we’ve noticed that the laptop’s built-in speakers are tinny and often hard to hear and understand – even for those around me who have no hearing aids.

So we’ve thought about getting some small-ish (but good) external speakers that would either plug into the laptop’s headphone/speaker jack or maybe even via Bluetooth. Any advice?

And my big question: is there a way to “split” the headphone/speaker jack’s audio to go both to external speakers and the TV Connector? Or is that ridiculous? After all, I can now hear fine with the Marvels so maybe I should use them “normally” (when I have company) with better external speakers.

Thanks in advance for any advice!


Yes, there are Y-adapters for all cable systems. You can even Y the cables, then convert one or both of the cables to a different format.


Thank you Don, just ordered 2 of them from your Amazon link.


Yes to all your questions, except the last one. I love my TV Connector. It’s expensive but well worth the money to me. I used to have an Oticon streamer and had a love-hate relationship with it; it usually worked well, but when it didn’t it was pretty much unusable. The TV Connector just works.

In response to previous questions, yes, these are very expensive hearing aids, but I often still have difficulty understanding the TV, and the Connector helps immensely.

And yes, you have the streaming slider; you can adjust the balance between “Surrounding” and “TV.” I have used it much, but seems to work.

Watching without it, my wife still asks me to turn the TV down – and she has hearing loss, too. You can mute the TV completely and just use the connector, and that’s what I usually do when she’s around. If she’s not, I turn the TV volume up and I think it helps a little, but is certainly not necessary.