Sound muffled, closed domes

Hello, my audiologist installed closed domes following my last audiogram. I have the feeling that the sound and the voices are muffled.
The Phonak aids are well configured for closed domes.
Will I get used to this sound?

As a control, you might check what sound streamed to your ears from your smartphone sounds like, including the sound of people speaking. If that’s very clear and easy to understand, there is something wrong with your external mics or the programming for your external mics. I’m not familiar with the myPhonak app but you might also check the volume, bass, treble, programming settings in your smartphone app to make sure you haven’t accidentally mucked up your usual settings (I’ve sometimes forgotten that I’ve turned off my HA’s via my app to combat something like vacuuming, then later wondered why I don’t hear my wife so well!).

I’ve deliberately worn very occlusive custom-made silicone molds (ReSound Quattros) and when the hearing aids are working correctly and adequately programmed, you should hear sounds and voices very clearly as I’ve been able to when wearing molds that are essentially ear plugs when my HA’s are turned off.


Can you use the old domes for a test?
If it is still muffled with these, your audiologist has done something wrong.
Note: If you definitely want to go back to the old domes, the feedback test must be done again.

I asked what closed domes where for at my last fitting. Dr. said for low frequency loss of hearing. I didn’t see much of that in your audiogram. I’m pretty new to all things related to HAs, so I’m learning.

Thank you for reply and advises. Closed domes for me it’s difficult

Something not matching your audiogram. Why they chose a close dome is beyond my understanding.

But your audiogram should be able to use open fitting.

From what you described above. It sounds like you experience occlusion? You may have too many gains on low frequency and mid. Your audiogram is dedicated so you don’t really need a close dome for this type of audiogram.

Dome is not expensive, you can try another type of dome. There should be single vent or double vent dome or more open dome. Try them all and select the one you think it sounds best for you.

There no hard rule of setup in hearing field. Experiment with everything as you see fit.