Sound / MediaCollection files for Phonak ipFG 2.6e missing

I was able to find the Phonak iPFG software online:

( NOTE: I don’t have the hardware to connect my hearing aid to the iPFG )

I installed it, and it loads fine. However, whent I try to select a sound (for testing), it says the file cannot be found. Is this expected? Where can I download the files?

The software needs updating I believe.

“Help > Check for iPFG Updates” doesn’t seem to work. I wonder if this needs license / activation.

It hasn’t for me in the past. Using Target now.
The sounds are more for testing with the hearing aids in the clients ears I believe.

Yeah, that would have been nice if it were available. I’ve seen it on the Genie 2, and it works. Anyway, I don’t have the hardware. So, I won’t be able to use the iPFG for now, though I’m considering it, since I have an old Phonak Naida V UP. I just don’t know if the Noahlink Wireless will be sufficient, or if I need to get the more expensive Hi-Pro 2.

Researching this forum is a huge teacher for self programming.
Only the Phonak Audeo B Direct and the Marvel aids will work with the Noahlink Wireless. All others are either the wireless iCube 1 or 2 or wired with a HiPro.

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I did see iCube in the documentation for the Phonak Naida V UP. I was just hoping the Noahlink Wireless would also work, in case I plan to get the Oticon S1 or the Oticon Xceed in the future. But I think I’ll just not think about the Phonak Naida V UP in the mean time.

I have used the old serial HiPro for 10 years. It still works just fine.
The HiPro will work with most aids.

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I believe the media files are a separate package in the download, you have to install the full package, I think you should try 8.6c as that has the media collection files.

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Will check. I assumed the PFG was for older hearing aids. So, I didn’t check it out.

Yes it is for the older models, but you may be able to update/migrate the media files from 2.6 to 8.6c, but honestly these aren’t much help anyway, as someone already mentioned your better off just using your own surroundings ( at home,work, your local mall) to fine tune your hearing aids in the “real world”

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