Sonic Innovations Applause & Phonak Extra Digital Hearing Aid

I have recently been fitting a lot of Sonic Innovations Applauses, which are great mid line digital hearing aids based on the top of the line Innova product.

The directional microphones and their directional focus technology work very well and the noise reduction also works exceptionally well.

If anyone is looking for a less costly alternative than buying the top of the line instruments, I would highly recommend the Applause, as they usually sell for around $1,900-$2,400 or so each, which is very reasonable for a hearing aid of this caliber.

Another I have had good results also in the same price range is the Phonak Extra, which is also based on the top of the line Savia chip. I think it is important for all our hearing aid wearers and prospective wearers to know that there are less costly alternatives that work very well, but do your research.

If whoever you see only pushes you to buy the top of the line only, that would raise some questions about their true intentions.

My 2cents from the dispensing professional’s point of view.

You say do your research and think I am doing mine. Your site has been the most helpful by far but where can I do more research. I have been to all the factory sites, ask you and readers many questions and even done searches for more forums and discussion boards. Just for the record I am still leaning towards the Phonak Saviaover the Widex Inteo and Siemens Centra. I am following the logic of the premier top end aids will give me the most advanced and best sound for the bucks. I can’t put a price on good hearing and I really want to improve mine over my audibel eclipse 2’s. I know my post may sound a little like broken records repeating some things but I want the best choice possible as I get new aids in 3 months. I will research until that time and for sure will post my findins here after I get new aids.
I guess what I want to know is where can I search for more answers or comparative opinions on different aids and technology.


This is why I started this forum, so that we can better educate the public about hearing loss and particularly about hearing aids. Unfortunately, there are no really good forums out there, thus I am trying my hardest to expose this forum to as many hearing aid users and hearing aid dispensers/audiologists as I can so we can better share information.

Even at the professional level, there are still many instruments we may not know about and it is even more confusing looking at this industry from the consumer’s standpoint.

Based on your hearing loss and the noisy situations you work in, the Savia and Inteo are both great choices. Earlier on this post, I just wanted people to be aware that there are some budget friendly yet high tech aids out there based on the top line model’s chipsets.

If you are looking for something that is really small and powerful, the other option that is neat is the Phonak Micro Power, which is a tiny behind the ear instrument with the receiver or speaker in the ear and is custom made into the ear, but really tiny and hardly noticeable.

Also, if I hear of anything new coming out, I will also make sure to post.