Some questions to Starkey Genesis mRic R

Hi there

I am testing the Genesis since 2 weeks and I have some questions:

There is a possibility to set a location with a hearing program but I couldn’t get any difference so far, does it work? and how does it works?

How is the expirience with the StarLink Remote Microphone+? How long can it be used until it has to be recharged? How good is the usability? Could it replace a TV Streamer?

And last but not least is there a possibility that Genesis can be upgraded to LE Audio in the near future?

Just a comment on the “upgraded to LE Audio in the near future?”

In my experience, if it’s not in the specifications when you buy an item, it still won’t be there at end of life for that item.

According to this listing. The Genesis and Evolv have the same bluetooth 5.2 Launch Studio - Listing Details

I have Evolv and they don’t do BLE.

I have the Genesis RIC and use the location program. I have it set for my office so when I get to the office or close to it, the program automatically changes to the preferences I made for it. When I leave it also switches but sometimes I get more than a km away before it goes back to my default program. I have the Mic+ but really have not used it much to answer your question plus I have the tv streamer so have never tried it in that capacity.

I have the steamer using optical connection on my tv. I am happy with it but I do not use it that much. You can connect it with regular connection wire but I doubt about the quality. You need to check whether your tv has optical terminal. You have another option I.e. you can buy fire tv cube which will connect you to your tv but not sure about the quality. Order it online for a trial. For the location, I believe you click the Icon with three dots on the program screen and set up the Geo location for that program. Good luck.

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I do not have GenesisAi and can not test the location setup , but you may need to create a account in the MyStarkey App and Sign in for location services, see the MyStarky App Quick tip

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If you have an iPhone, you can use live listen and not have to buy the Starkey remote mic. I have both and IME, they perform the same task. AFAIK, Android does not have this feature.

Thanks to all reply.

In fact, I didn’t set the option for exact location on my phone, that’s why it didn’t worked. Now it works almost 100% and it’s a nice option.

I would not buy the Microphone+ for the microphone use I would use them for BT using (TV, PC, Laptop).

Well hopefully the new Oticon Intent will fulfill my desires better :wink:

Anybody knew where to get information from firmware updates? I got 8.4.0 yesterday and would like to know what they have adjusted