Solved: Connexx 9 software

I have received a new Motion 13 5NX hearing aid (only right) and a streamline microphone, and I am having trouble receiving any streamed audio in stereo (only right channel is received, left is not heard). I had a second appointment with my audiologist about this yesterday and she still hadn’t found a solution for this.

I am hoping if I can get hold of this software or find where I can get it, that I can purchase a programmer and try to find the solution myself and let her know how to do it.

I have tried contacting Signia about the same issue and their only solution was to set the phone audio to mono, something my phone doesn’t have the capability to do.

If someone can provide me with the software or a location as to where I can obtain it, it would be much appreciated.

Thank you!

Edit: Thank you to those who have helped me with this request.

Don’t you need two HAs or two separate speakers to get stereo sound, so it’s not possible to get stereo from a single source (single speaker,or one HA)

I do know that, but my old FM used to send both channels to the right ear not simply drop the left channel altogether. My new hearing aid and streamline microphone only transmits the right channel to the right ear and the left channel is forgotten about.

I know I am never going to get true stereo when using a single hearing aid, but I still like listening to songs with both left and right audio. California dreamin’ is one song that has audio primarily on the left channel, and most of the song when playing through the streamline mic is missed.

I also made a simple audio file that says “left channel” only on the left, and “right channel” only on the right.
When my file is played through the streamline mic only “right channel” is ever heard. whereas when playing through my old FM and hearing aid both are heard.

According to Signia the streamline mic should send both channels to the single hearing aid, but can’t offer any solutions other than set phone audio to mono (which my phone doesn’t have).

Yeah so that’s called mono summing, not true stereo, but both channels piped to a single speaker, but this is not the same as you say, mono was cool in its day( well still used by some) but
there’s a forum member who goes by the name of @PRR a ex recording engineer, I’m sure he’ll shed some light on this.
Good luck.

And that is exactly what I want, but can’t achieve.

As I mentioned Signia says that is what the streamline mic should do, but doesn’t.
Signia support also says to set the device (laptop/phone) audio to mono (yes mono summing as you stated, but everything simply calls it mono).

e.g. Windows 10:

Signia tech support said in an email that the streamline mic should automatically combine the left and right channel as a single channel sent to a single hearing aid without having to set the devices to output mono (combine).

I am hoping I can get the software and try to achieve what my audiologist couldn’t get working.
If I am successful, I can let her know what the solution is. I am sure I can spend a lot more time trying to get this working than my audiologist could (for obvious reasons).

I am already well aware of the difference between true stereo and true mono. I know that mono is only a single channel, whereas stereo is left and right. I am only repeating what Signia tech support told my audiologist and me.

I don’t think there’s anything in the Connexx software that will help with streaming stereo or mono channels, a setting in the streamline microphone perhaps?

I asked my audiologist about that and she said there wasn’t.

I’ll quote the email I received from Signia technical support email

The suggestion around changing the output to mono was for lack of a better idea. Essentially the StreamLine Mic should output the audio in stereo if their are two devices but when only one is detected\fitted, it should combine both channels into one so no audio is lost.

In the case you have, it seems that something obviously isn’t routing as it should and it is suggested to try a reset of the StreamLine Mic by holding all 3 buttons until you get a red flashing light…initially it will go white but keep holding until you get the red flash.

If this doesn’t work, maybe it is something in the fitting data at the clinic. Possibly initially they were going to fit a pair of hearing aids but then only gave you the one or the one device they did fit to you had handshake data from an existing fitting where it thinks it is part of a pair. To clear this data the clinic will have to delete it in the fitting software…

I have never had two hearing aids, only ever a single one.

If I had the software I could have a look for myself, but can’t seem to find it.
Or I could try recreating the fitting data myself to see if I can resolve it.