Software phonak target 7.3.1

Hello, I’m new here. Searching last night for Phonak Target 7.3.1 software on Google, I found this forum about hearing aids. I’ve always really enjoyed listening to good music and I’ve become a bit demanding and selective, I’ve been using Phonak devices for four years now, and now I’ve decided to do my settings myself, that’s why I’m looking for Target to download and have fun, with my tests for better adjustments according to my listening preferences. Can anyone send me a link to Phonak Target 7.3.1? I would be very grateful!

Thanks in advance,


Welcome to the forum, sure but don’t forget you’ll need the correct programming device as well for DIY projects, what models are you using.
Check out the target user guide as well.

Hi @user232 ; Welcome to the DIY category of the forum.

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