So frustrated with new Siemens Pure Micon 7 mi!

Ok, I have demoed these January and loved them. Bought them in June and loved them, but wanted to demo others. I didn’t like the Phonak Audeo Q90s nor the Starkeys. Audi doesn’t work with Oticon or Resound, but since I really liked the 7mi, went ahead a purchased. I have really bad hearing in one ear, and that’s the one we are struggling with.

The hearing and occlusion was so bad after 2 days I stopped wearing them until my appt. The speech in noise wasn’t near as good in a noisy restaurant as the demos (although better than my old aids for that). I still had to struggle to hear a bit.

Went for my checkup yesterday and my Audi redid what we had back in June, and we played with it for awhile. We changed the dome which seemed to help quite a bit. I left thinking it would work, I know I have to get out of the office to see.

Well, although I don’t have the occlusion feeling with this dome, it just does not pick up sounds and much duller in this one year. I pop in my old Phonak Audeo and high pitched sounds come alive. I just don’t understand how it worked so well a few months ago and not now.

Not sure what to do. I have 3 weeks left to decide. I read that the brain has to get used to it, but I would think that would be more for louder sounds…not listening that is too soft. If it weren’t for the wonderful speech in noise and wind component that I demoed with these a few months ago, I’d just keep my old ones…save the $5,800. Minitek is okay…not as good as TV ears but nice to not have those hanging in my ears.

Do any Audis know what else can be done with these aids, or why they were good before and not as good now? could it be the actual aid that needs swapping out…maybe it’s a bit defective? Thanks.

Hi Tisha,

I’m facing the same thing with oticon alta pro. The first 2 weeks were amazing especially with speech in noise. Then they are not good enough and you feel you need more. I guess the brain gets used to the new sounds and the WOW effect is over and back to our bad word discrimination. I was considering trying the pure micon 7mi but now I guess they are all the same and will stick with oticon.

I would get custom molds before deciding… (whichever aids you try)

I also trialed a pair of MI7’s and sent them back for the exact same reason you did…they were not a vibrant as my Smart 5’s
I just bought a pair of Q7’s…they are awesome and after programing them (myself) they work great right out of the box…Phonak Rules :slight_smile:

Doc Jake,

We had discussed the molds at my appt. She said some loved them, some hated them…but it would be $75 to make the custom mold, so I think I will give it a try. I think someone else told me with my degree of hearing loss in that ear they would definitely go with custom molds…I’m just worried about occlusion, but I think that might be an unneccessary worry. I had alot of occlusion with the double dome.

Also, what is the difference between the Bolero and Audeo Q90’s? I went to look at the website and I couldn’t see anything that was different. I didn’t like the Audeo’s, but I do like the old Audeo Smarts I have (Alpine, like you I can really hear well with them…although they are tinnier, but maybe that’s what I need in this bad ear. Maybe the wireless features on the Bolero would sound better to me.

Beesh007…well, your experience makes me think I just need to keep working with my Audi. I’ve only been to two session so far. Thanks all for your responses.

I replied but for some reason it is lost. Anyway, I talked with my Audi at my last appt. about custom ear molds. She said that is something I could try if I wanted, $75 to make the molds. She didn’t seem as positive about them as people here on the board. I know others have said with my hearing loss that that is the way to go and I’ll never want to go back to a dome.

My old HA for that ear is a Phonak Audeo Smart and it’s been very good, but I can tell it may be at it’s limit. I didn’t like the Audeo Q90 at all, I wonder if the Bolero would be any different. And what is the main difference between the two, anyway?

Of course we don’t have the same hearing loss but I find that very interesting…I went from Smart V to Q70 and honestly can hardly tell the difference. Yes the Q’s seem a little more…um robust…but I’m sure the V’s are in need of service. I do my own programing and struggled mightily programing the V’s…The Q’s were programed to my loss via AudiogramDirect (same way as the V’s, different software) and I have not needed any more adjustments…

Are you using the same Audiologist for the Q as the Smart?