SmartTransmitter 2.4, & Smart Direct app: connect problem


Looking for some insight into how the two communicate.


If so why do I not see the Smart Transmitter on my Note 8 when it does a Bluetooth scan.

I have had the SmartTransmitter (and also the SmartMic) working on occasion, but the SmartTransmitter seems to come and go randomly.

Currently, SmartDirect shows icons for both …Transmitter and …Mic, but when I click the SmartTransmitter icon it seems to try to connect but fails.

It was working a few hours ago. One diff is that I used the SmartMic about two hours ago.


Did you get any answers about this? This device drives me nuts…how to connect when I’m ready to use it? Getting it to connect is so hit or miss…and when it DOES work it will suddenly just stop (two blue lights go off, one red light comes on). I drag out my wireless headset and after a while for no reason the blue lights pop back on…what’s a hard of hearing old lady to do?


No answers, but it seems to have settled down to where I hve not had a problem for a couple of moths.