Smart glasses with closed captioning

Smart glasses with closed captioning

I have been reading about smart glasses that project continuous closed captioning of conversations onto lenses. The glasses seem to be designed primarily to support gaming and may be listed as AR. I downloaded the XRAI Glas ap for free and it closely translates normal conversation, TV, movie theater words, etc. and displays on my iPhone screen. This seems like it has great potential as I have double hearing aids and great difficulty hearing conversations, live concerts, etc. If anyone has any experience with these glasses or can recommend any brands I would appreciate it. Cost seems to be $300 minimum for clear or colored lens and some models can be fitted with prescription lenses.

I’ve been looking into these devices sporadically over the last year. They strike me as a great idea as having conversations while looking at Live Transcribe on my phone is very awkward. However, keep in mind that these are first generation devices, which means that they are expensive and probably don’t work very well. If you are patient, by the third generation new devices are usually a much better deal.

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Don’t drive with them on. :sunglasses:

I hadn’t thought about that! I would hope that the screen would be small and translucent enough to allow you to drive safely. These would not be immersive environments like the Apple Goggles.