Smart Glasses design for hearing impaired/deaf

So this year and next we should start seeing Smart glasses with text, sub-titles going live and sold by several small and big brand names. Google right now is the big player, but there are also many other competitors offering similar (new) technology.

I guess my two questions on this subject is will Smart glasses be designed to wear with BTE aids and will circuitry in SG in any way impact hearing aid performance? I’m now seeing Smart glasses designed like normal glasses, but the folding temple part and temple tip might or might not fit properly when someone is wearing BTE aids.

Also I’m wondering if components and circuitry within Smart glasses could anyway interfere with operation/performance of hearing aids being worn? Probably no problem but you do have a lot of high-tech technology sitting on top of each other.

Google developer conference coming May 10th, so mark that date down for potential Smart glasses news for those severely hearing impaired or deaf.

Since they both use RF and, I suspect the glasses will use 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi I would expect interference unless they somehow specifically designed in measures to somehow mitigate interference.

This morning on “Sunday Morinig with Jane Pauley” She intervied John Fetterman.
He talked about his hearing problem, and was using a teleprompter whth voice to text displayed on it. I beleve this would be the same technology that will be used with the new “Hearing Glasses”

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