Slipping Ear Molds Tip

I wear Oticon More HA’s with a solid mold in the ear receiver. The molds were slipping out of my ear canal, even with the little “wing tip” added to help hold them in place. I was always pushing them into the canal to improve hearing. My Audi took two impressions and Oticon made new molds, but the left ear mold kept slipping. To resolve this problem, I purchased MILYE double sided body to clothing tape. This tape which is safe on skin can be purchase on Amazon.
I cut it into small strips and stick it to the HA molds as shown in the photos below. The white strip shown in the photos peels off and the double-sided tape is clear and invisible. I’ve been using this for about two months and there are no problems. No added itching or issues with my ears and no more slight slipping. The tape lasts about 4 or 5 days and then needs to be replaced. I thought others might be interested in this tip.


I lost a little weight and I have the same problem. I am ordering the tape you suggested and hope I have good results also. Thanks for sharing.

Moleskin that is used for feet also works to tighten the mold on the earhole