Sleep Problems, Anxiety Problems (A possible solution)

I was reading a post, at some point during over last week, and @Raudrive was saying he sometimes had difficulty sleeping, so Rick I decided to post up with a possible solution… I have @DaveL to thank, he sent me PM recommending, Passionflower tincture, by St Francis Herb Farm, many thanks @DaveL , and very much appreciated :grin: The Passionflower Tincture worked a treat, although I couldn’t find his recommended brand in the UK, I got something very similar on Amazon here in the UK… Now, I have suffered with really bad “Sleeping problems”, in conjunction with “Severe Anxiety”, I got my first bout of Sepsis just over 4 1/2 years ago (after this, I had Post Sepsis Syndrome). Chronic Anxiety, and Sleep problems eased slightly over the next few years, but both remained quite problematic… And coincidently, I got Sepsis again around 15 months ago, but it wasn’t quite as bad as the first time round in the high dependency ward, but it did play heavily on my mind, there isn’t many double Sepsis survivors walking around, I am extremely fortunate… So if you have Anxiety or Sleeping problems, or both, then this may be your solution, it most certainly worked for me… The “Dosage” method I used eventually was basically trial and error, I ended up 10 drops in about 100mils of water, (doesn’t taste great, but it isn’t terrible) just before bed, every night for a week, then I week gradually cut down to nothing over the next week, no Anxiety, and no Sleeping problems, you can take up to 40 drops 3 times a day, that is 120 drops Maximum per day, I just found 10 drops knocked me out like a light, and once I sustained a sleeping pattern, I gradually cut down… If any of you try this, please let me know how you get on, good, bad or indifferent… Cheers Kev :grin:


My wife grew passion flower for many years. Beautiful but stinks.
Thank you so much for your help and possible help from sleep issues. I will give it a try!


You are welcome Rick… Hopefully, it will work for you, fingers crossed :wink:


This topic got my attention cuz I’ve had bouts of “wake-up anxiety” the past year or so. Cinderblock ears help me fall asleep like a tombstone every night (despite 24x7 tinnitus, go figure!). But when I wake up in the morning, OW! My mind is just a non-stop circle of worry… Perhaps my anxiety is age-related (almost 67), but I also wondered if it was a blood sugar problem?

Well, to share my own tips, I now take 5mg of melatonin every night before getting into bed. After 15-20 min, I am usually corkscrew-eyed and can’t even read the book in my hands. I have a tall, 16-oz glass of electrolyte water by the bathroom sink, and my goal is to have that drained by the morning. I find that drinking something with balanced salts & sugars seems to let me wake up without that craaaaazy, cringing anxiety!

We all seem to be propelled into a world where many things are no longer under our control (viral variants, possibility of WAR, even our own relentless aging) so it’s no wonder we have anxiety.

I’m intrigued about the passion flower extract - especially as it is available right at Amazon! Thanks for sharing.

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You are very welcome @1Bluejay…. Anything that helps our wellbeing, and general outlook in life, is worth a try, it may work for you, it might not, but it isn’t an expensive purchase, so perhaps it is worth a small investment…. If you do try it, please let us know how you get on. Cheers Kev :wink:

Interestingly the latest research shows that the best results with anxiety come from intense exposure.

Purposeful activation of the anxiety at the maximum level and ‘bathing in it’ it until it subsides. We are similar to an angry dog in that maximal activation can only last so long before the brain switches it off. Avoidance techniques seem to ‘control’ it just well enough to perpetuate it.

This needs qualified help of course as you also must understand exactly what the trigger is (eg social anxiety or rats or shame-related or whatever).

Dr David Burns’ podcasts (feeling good) filtered for anxiety and particularly his book ‘when panic attacks’ are great.

The main message is that anxiety is treatable, fully.

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It’s a pleasure to help.
Passion Flower works for stress too.

Have you tried Bach Flower Remedy? Check out Rescue Remedy. It’s amazing. Don’t know what’s wrong, but something is? Rescue Remedy. And the Lozenges are incredible and don’t leave smell of alcohol on your breath.

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Thank you @SteveCh, I very much appreciate your input…. Unfortunately for me, Sepsis was the trigger for anxiety, and somehow I would not want to be overexposed to that…. I believe, I read somewhere, Sepsis has a very high mortality rate, here in the UK, annually, approximately 150k folks will be infected with Sepsis, and approximately 47k will die, rather alarming stats, especially if you have had it twice! Apparently, Sepsis goes for all the vital organs, including the brain, billions of bacteria flood the bloodstream, and your immune system becomes overwhelmed! In the past it was called Blood Poisoning, and it was quite rare, nowadays it is becoming more common, probably because of over proscribed antibiotics? I ended up with something called Post Sepsis Syndrome, it probably equivalent to Long Covid type symptoms, including constant chronic fatigue etc’, and unfortunately for me, Anxiety reared it’s ugly head, I believe the Sepsis did some damage to my brain, and at it’s height my brain was randomly releasing a chemical into my body, triggering an Anxiety attack for no apparent reason, I was getting the full blown symptoms of a cardiac arrest, 2, 3 or even 4 times, almost daily for about maybe, 4 to 6 months before it started to ease back, I had no idea what Anxiety was, prior to Sepsis…. But, I survived and lived to tell the tale, and getting Sepsis again had a huge psychological impact on me mind, but the symptoms were milder in comparison…. Cheers Kev :wink:

Anxiety is always fear of something. One way is to write down the thoughts you have at the start of the onset of it. It can be surprising what pops up.

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I used to think that @SteveCh, nowadays I am sure, it is something other…. The intensity is like nothing I have ever experienced, it is all encompassing…… I do, and have picked my brain to see if I could find a trigger, there was none, apart from Sepsis…. But, I am at peace now, so all is good… cheers Kev :wink: