Sivantos announces Styletto: stylish high-tech hearing aids



It may get some mild to moderate hearing loss people to accept a hearing aid. That’s its fitting range so it is not really aimed at most of us here.


Here’s another render of the aid on an ear.


That looks photo shopped.


I am photoretoucher. Yes, it is an impudent photoshop. Even without a shadow below hearing aid. Shame!


Does anyone remember the Siemens ‘Vibe’ hearing aid?? To me they always looked a little bit like a cockroach had crawled into the ear! hopefully the Styletto is a bit more popular than their last attempt at a fashion-conscious offering


I think it will be a fiasco. It is a “fashioned” cry “Hey people, I am stigmatized by hearing aids!” Styletto


As with many hearing aids using Lithium-ion that are currently on the market, any service for the Li-ion power cell will require sending the device into the manufacturer for service.


Bigger is better? Fail.
No Bluetooth? Fail.
Beautiful case colors? Hmm…
ONLY for Mild to Moderate hearing loss?

Oh, hang about! These aids are NOT for us. These aids are simply and beautifully packaged to appeal as an introductory device to entice young people (who would be otherwise feel stigmatized by hearing aids) to try hearing device in a way they can pretend its all about “I’m not deaf, I just use these for loud parties, etc”!

Quite an interesting concept really. The marketing will determine how clever Sivantos has been in coming up with this concept.


It seems like this hearing aid was not designed 100% around the idea of making a truly functional hearing aid first. It’s designed around the idea of the Lithium Ion battery first and foremost, and anything else is secondary.


also too big for smaller ear and no bluetooth via streamline mic streaming no mfi. though i expected direct to android they failed expectation no imporvement in algorithms… huh do not launch just announce


Kinda cool but I won’t buy their products until they get rid of Easytek. It’s behind the competition.



Seems like a expensive excersize to bait and switch.


EasyTek doesn’t work with their latest hearing aids. Streamline Mic. StreamLine Mic for Signia hearing aids - Signia - For Professionals


streamline mic will not work on styletto since not having bluetooth


Here’s how I read the press releases from Sivantos for Styletto as well as Starkey for Livio: “While we’re certainly aware that understanding speech in noise (e.g., restaurant scenario) is the most important objective for most hearing aid wearers, we really haven’t been able to come up with any processor-algorithm combination that provides any significant improvement in this area. So we’re trying to deflect your attention from that failure by touting much less important things like what we hope you will think is a stylish form factor and portable charging technology (or, for Starkey’s Livio, AI that can do lots of things except improve speech understandability in a noisy environment).”


:astonished: Ok, so we need to pay and pay money for higher and higher prices, but still have low efficiency of hearing aids? Perhaps the best solution in noisy situations would be the cheapest hearing aid and remote microphone :smiling_imp:.


I agree with the remote mic use. HA makers all have this as an option for speech in noise. But we want a HA with
all in one capability. The true physics of it
is limited: sound pressure diminishes with
distance and ambient noise interference. Use a remote mic.


They look super long and big.