Signia's policies for lost or stolen hearing aids

I just received a new pair of Signia Pure 312 X on Friday. Things were going great until this morning. My routine is to swim laps at the YMCA before work. I place my HA in a glass dehumidifier jar in my locker with a pad lock. Once I’m showered and dried off I insert the HA and head home. However, today after my swim and shower the dehumidifier and HA were gone. The pad lock was unlocked and my locker was open. The Y states they’re not responsible for items in the locker room. The promised to ask around and hope someone places them in the lost and found.

Long story short: I’m having trouble finding Signia’s policies for lost or stolen HA. I emailed my audiologist but haven’t heard back yet.

I appreciate any insight anyone can offer!

Sorry to hear that and did you sign any paperwork? This would usually indicate your responsibilities during a trial period. I have mine listed on home insurance, whenever I get new ones they are then the “insured” ones. If you have home insurance and they are under a certain value you may have some cover, but over a certain value they would need to have been added to the policy. I really hope they turn up for you.

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I know it doesn’t apply to you now but you may have coverage from your purchase. Costco does have insurance and replaced one I lost with no hassle. Hope you have similar coverage,
Good luck


Sorry this happened to you, do you have any Loss and Damage warranty coverage?


Thank you for the replies! I need to check on our home owners policy and see if we ever added them. Same with the paperwork, I only remember the make, model, and pricing but will take a closer look tonight.

Here in Australia Signia have a lost policy, my husbands were replaced as he lost them in the first 12 months after purchase(I think). Not sure about the time frame, or if this happens in your country.

Next time you go to the gym can you leave your aids either at home or in the car glove box.

Please check with your AuD

With my audiologist, I have a one time loss/damage outside warranty replacement option of $350/aid. I was told this was relatively standard for aids sold through audiology clinics, and it would have applied to any brand aid I ended up buying, so you may want to check to see if that is an option. I will note that I bought my aids at a premium full price. While not ideal, it’s a better option than having to pay full price for another set of hearing aids.

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My audiologist stated the fees for lost/stolen HA were $450 per HA. I was skeptical thanks to my research on here and from experience over the years. I decided to call Signia to see if their customer service could offer any solutions. When I called Signia’s customer service department they indicated the lost/stolen replacement fees are now determined by the retailer/audiologist.

I expressed disappointment with the cost and reminded my audiologist of his compliments on how well I take care of my HA. His response was he talked to his management team and could get the cost down to $250 per HA to replace them. I stomped my feet with my audiologist and asked how I could cancel my original order. Then he responded stating his manager would allow a one time replacement of no cost to me.

Fast forward to today and I just returned from picking up my new Signia Pure 312 7X HA!

Thanks again for your replies and help with this agonizing process!


As Sean Connery would say:
Yesh You Did it

Well done

I didn’t know they can replace it once for free.


Depends on the clinic’s policy, and also the manufacturer’s policy too. This is a good learning lesson!