Signia/Siemens Connexx telecoil settings?

Connexx (8) for Siemens/Signia Pure lists three options for the induction loop setting, mT, MT, and T. What’s the difference between mT and MT?

No expert here by any means, but since none are answering, I read the options as being T=Telecoil alone (mics disabled), mT=Telecoil + low mic mix, MT= Telecoil + full mics.

… but I’ll be happy to be corrected.

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By just looking at the three: I would guess T is Telecoil only, mT is lower microphone volume with greater telecoil volume, while MT is balanced. I’m going back to my Audiologist next week and I’ll try to find out. What I am going to ask is if two programs (I have the KS8Ts with 6 programs available) can be setup for telecoil, for example 5 for T and 6 for MT or mT.

dennis2022: I know there wasn’t a question in there but yes you can have the different tcoil programs. You can even name them.