Signia/Rexton click sleeves


Anybody know if Signia/Rexton click sleeves are interchangeable with their domes? Anybody have any experience comparing them with domes? I remember one forum member complaining that they were uncomfortable. Reading Signia’s marketing material, they claim more consistency. That seems plausible with the steeper sloping shape and smaller vents. With the open domes, it’s easy to imagine all kinds of distorted shapes happening in one’s ear canal.
Edit: Looks like they are interchangeable. I got this from looking at Connexx. Still welcome anybody’s experiences.


Yes interchangeable. I like the idea of them, but I’ve yet to get a really good fit with them. That being said, I’m not fitting a lot of signia lately so I probably haven’t tried it enough.


Yeah, I was surprised the audioglgist that fit me with Signia’s latest and greatest didn’t use them. I think I’d like to try their vented click sleeve.


My question is, can you push them in far enough to reach the bony part of the canal, to reduce occlusion? I do that with double domes and it makes my voice sound normal, but, sometimes I get some canal soreness. I would go with click sleeves if they are more comfortable when pushing them deep. Otherwise I am about to have impressions made for deep fit molds.


I have no experience with the click sleeves. I suspect you’ll be happier with custom molds.


I have some coming to try. I use the open dome the most but have trouble keeping them in. Maybe these will be a better fit.


Do let us know how you like them. I’m assuming you’re getting the vented click sleeve?


Yes I ordered the vented sleeve.


I had molds on my last brand and they worked well, but, it is not that easy to get a perfect impression and mold for fitting deep. One was deeper than the other but at that time I was not that concerned about that. For this application it is important to me that the fit be deep enough to hit the bony part of the canal so I don’t have occlusion with no vent.

I have a call in to my Costco to see if they have click sleeves I can try.


I received the click sleeves awhile back but I ordered medium and they ended up being a little big so I ordered a set of small and they fit just right. For me they are a much better fit. I used to have trouble with the domes working themselves out through the day and I would be constantly pushing them back in my ear. I’ve been using the sleeve for about a week and they stay put through the day. I was surprised that they feel as open as they do. When I first looked at them I was sure they would be occluding as the vent holes look very small and I was sure they would clog up easy and end up being a closed type sleeve. To my surprise they sound and feel very open. Streaming music and TV is much better now and I would go as far to say my hearing aids seem to work better then before. I have no proof to back that up but that is how it seems to me. Today a switched back to the open dome and although it wasn’t a big difference in sound quality the sleeves seem to sound better. comfort is about the same but they stay put in my ear and that is a big help for me. My only complaint is the price, cost me about $25 a pack of 6. Hopefully they will last awhile as they seem to be a little thicker material than the domes I was using.


Wanted to bump this thread and see what people who have tried them think. I ended up liking the vented click sleeves. I also had the experience of accidentally trying the nonvented ones and although tolerable, I prefer the vented. Curious what others have experienced. One thing I noticed is that there sizing seems different than their domes. I was comfortable with a medium dome, but require a small click sleeve.


I like them but…
I went from 10mm closed domes to “L” vented click sleeves, which were too big and hurt my ears. Next we went to click sleeves M vented, which I really like, except for needing to ensure they go on the correct L/R side.

Now, after finding what works best for me, Connexx has changed the click sleeves and after a couple of days I’m not impressed. But, ***I’m not sure they gave me the right ones so I’ll have to go back.

***I really like my fitter but she was doing a test and I had to deal with a front end that is in constant chaos.Connexx%2030%25


I wore medium domes but needed the small click sleeves. Definitely make sure they gave you the right ones–they gave me non vented once.