Signia Pure Primax 5px

Hi All,
Got my brand new pair of Signia Pure Primax 5px Saturday. Purchased from Phillip @ Fix Your Ears. Also purchased a 228 Siemens ConnexxLink for wireless programming,
and installed the Siemens app for Android. I have been tweaking the aids these last couple of days and feel very comfortable using the Connexx software. I have setup the
Notch Therapy and only time will tell if this works. Had considered getting rechargeable’s but the only ones that will go the distance are the Zpower and I just can’t see
dropping $300 for a set and charger. I am amazed at the compact size of these and once I get my 8mm open domes I will be golden. Hoping to enjoy these for many years.
I enjoy all the info here at the forum and thank you all for your contributions, much appreciated.

Pierre :smiley:

Do you know what the rechargeable battery replacement cost is after the initial investment of $300 for the whole system?

They’re estimating one of their rechargeable battery will save about 100 of the disposable batteries. Well, one Costco Kirkland brand battery costs about 17 cents each, so 100 of those are basically $17. If one of their rechargeable batteries around that price then there’s really no economic incentive to justify going with the ZPower system then.

The ZPower batteries are about $50/pair, but you get the added value of not having to fiddle with disposable batteries or opening the battery doors for an entire year. Some people have great difficulty changing batteries. There’s also the predictability of knowing your hearing aids won’t quit at some inopportune time during the day.

Very true. I was quoting the Costco Kirkland batteries which are a bit lower price than other brands like PowerOne, which run for around 25 cents per disposable battery. So compared to the PowerOne brand, the rechargeable is a break even dollar wise, but like you said, there’s value in not having to fiddle around to replace the batteries every few days and knowing that your battery will not run out in the middle of the day. Right now I have to carry a pack of spares in my wallet just in case and I would love to not have to carry them around in my wallet to save some space/bulk.

If the $300 for the set includes an initial pair of rechargeable batteries then that means the initial investment in the system (without counting the batteries) is only $250 which is a smaller pill to swallow.

I seem to have a lot of issues with direct streaming from my iPhone and somebody suggested that it may be due to using not high enough quality batteries (is Kirkland battery lower quality than PowerOne?). But if the ZPower battery is considered high quality equivalent then that would be another plus, assuming that my iPhone streaming/connectivity issues are battery related. At least I’ve seen other users of my HAs not reporting any issues so maybe it’s down to the battery quality. I guess I have to go over to the battery threads and read up on them.

I notice that ZPower offers NO warranty at all for their rechargeable batteries. I find this pretty unacceptable. I understand that it’s an consumable item that gets used up within a year or so, but at least they need to give people a 30 day warranty to make sure that customers don’t get stuck with defective units right out of the gate.

Hi Pierre. Do you know if the 228 siemens connexx link will work with the primax 7px as well, and where may I ask did you purchase it? I’m very much interested in mirroring your apparent success in self programming.

also interested in programming spouses signia primax pure 7px - can you use the downloadable connexx software with a minipro usb to program the HAs? thx

This page is the Signia reference. If your make and model are right then it would appear that you can. The 312 in the column implies needing the 312 programming pill adapters which implies needing the CS44 cables which implies needing the HIPro/miniPro.

That’s correct, except the 312 programming adapter is not usually referred to as a flex strip because it could easily be confused with the flex strip that has no battery pill on the end. The 312 programming adapter is more commonly referred to as a programming pill.

Thanks pvc. I edited my post. I’ll delete this when you delete yours. (unless you want to keep the pic there.

Thanks for your help john

Thanks for your help. I am retired as a computer tech and have no difficulties doing the work - laearning the software and audiogram curve settings etc. just needed assurance before buying a minipro. Regarding the 312 programming adapter (pill / flex strap) - where would i procure this? thanks in advance for your help. john

pvc of course has it covered but I and a few others were supplied by Buyhear and they supplied all the necessary cables. If you’re in North America try to get them to sell it to you for about $225. But they seem to be getting greedier.

Thanks for going out of your way to help me. I certainly appreciate the information. john

I have twice bought them from The Hearing Club. They only cost $20, and they ship really fast.

Corona! - thanks - such a great deal - I just ordered a pair

I am curious as to why you didn’t find the earlier reference?

Okay, maybe I know why. Perhaps the description was too verbose. I added shortcut links atop the post for those who want to bypass the detailed description.

How to Buy Programming cables, Flex Strips, Programming Pills

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