Signia pure C&G TIX - fitting advice - rustling

Hello all,
Please I need an advice about what receiver would fit better.

This is my audiogram:

This is the P model:

This is the M model:

The fitting was done with custom long mold and a vent of 1mm.

The thing is this, I went to my audiologist and she fitted me with the P model.
Everything was great but during the speech , at almost every word, I hear an annoying sound like rustling (high freq) and every sound is very sharp that drives me crazy.
She tried (even me at home) to lower those frequencies but could not clear these specific annoyances and then the device becomes useless.
The freq zone:

Can this be because of the P receiver? Like, an over amplification?
Or because of the custom mold (1mm vent)

Thoughts ?

This is a programming issue, the P receiver won’t be the cause nor the 1mm vent.

I don’t think she tried very hard, I mean it’s easy enough to just lower the levels, but you do need to be sure of the exact frequencies to adjust, you’ve circled like 3 to 7Hz ? How do did you find these to be the actual issue?
Adjustments can be done to the gain curve by using soft L50, L65 L80 medium,loud.
So what formula was used and has she entered the correct acoustics? Check this.

Anyways you can do a DIY project and set them up how you like.

Oh and did you check the fitting assistant to see if your issues is mentioned

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If it was me, i would go with the P receiver. It looks like you are in the middle of the fitting range. Could it be that you are hearing parts of speech that you have not heard well before? The gains look reasonable (but i am not a pro).

Is it too bad to wait and see, for a few weeks, before the next adjustment?

Tried for 2 days, I could not filter those high freq from almost every word, I need to find a sample on youtube…

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Cant explain very well the issue…in our words are specific letters that they are in high freq and those were painful

Is it like a ch sound (English) at the beginning or end of every word? Or a click sound, or sh, or st?

She said that this can happen because of the custom mold.
This one is full acrylic and she can order the empty one

Bravo, “SH”, “ST” something like that

she used the formula nal-nl2

In English would you call it a lisp?

Maybe the pros will respond. I have had that but it went away on its on after 2 weeks.

dont know but those spikes sounded very sharp, crisp

Like tenkan said, there may be an automatic change that works, for st/sh/s artifacts.

the only thing that helped me is Frequency Compression but I lost clarity

Good luck, brother. I hope they get it worked out next week.

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thank you man!
hope to fix it

Using AXFit will lower those higher frequencies by default, give it a go and set the experience level to New to begin with, everything will be toned down, just to see if it’s still noticeable.

u meant IXFit, i think I tried
let me go with level=NEW

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take for example word “adjustments”
at the end of the word, I hear a high pitch of “tss”

hmmm, that did the trick, kind of.
not perfect but its I dont hear that efects anymore

Reverted back to nal-nl2, 100% but reduced Step 25 from 35 db to 28 db
Sound is clear without those annoyances.

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