Signia launches Augmented Xperience (AX) platform

Signia introduces world’s first augmented hearing platform that delivers an immersive, intelligent hearing experience with outstanding speech clarity

Copenhagen – May 4, 2021 – Signia today announced the launch of its Augmented Xperience (AX) hearing aid platform that intelligently and automatically processes sound to better ensure that listeners always hear clearly – regardless of the listening environment.

Rather than simply amplifying all sounds, like most of today’s hearing aids, Augmented Xperience intelligently understands which sounds should be pulled to the foreground and prioritized, and which should remain in the background.

The net result of this world’s first split-processing technology is a fully-immersive and intelligent hearing experience. Sounds shift into the foreground and background naturally and seamlessly depending on the environment, creating an augmented hearing experience that’s better than normal hearing in certain situations*.

“Hearing isn’t always easy – a big group of people talking at the same time, softly spoken talkers in a bustling environment, too much background noise,” stated Samy Lauriette, Signia’s head of brand. “Augmented Xperience changes the game by understanding which sounds should be brought into focus and which remain in the background – creating an almost superhuman level of hearing that optimizes one’s human performance through enhanced hearing in any situation.”

The Augmented Xperience platform will debut in Signia’s all-new Pure Charge&Go AX hearing aids, compatible with iOS and Android devices and that deliver up to 36 hours of run-time per charge.

Augmented Xperience: A Platform Built On World-First Technologies

The Augmented Xperience platform is rooted in a world’s first Augmented Focus™ technology that processes speech and background noise separately to create a clear contrast between the two. It then recombines them to deliver outstanding speech clarity even in a fully immersive soundscape – like a crowded cafe or an open office environment.

Augmented Focus leverages two independent processors – the first of which addresses ‘focus’ sounds like the speech of a conversation partner, while the second addresses ‘surrounding’ sounds like background music or ambient laughter, which create situational awareness and excitement. The two processors capture focus and surrounding sounds independently to create a greater contrast between the two – pulling focus sounds closer and placing surrounding sounds further away.

In addition to Augmented Focus, the AX platform features multiple other technology world firsts, including:

  • Acoustic-Motion Sensors: Recognize one’s movements and adjust sounds accordingly to ensure hearing in any situation is as precise and personalized as possible.
  • Own Voice Processing (OVP™): More perfectly reproduces the sound of one’s own voice – which is essential for wearer comfort and satisfaction.
  • Signia Face Mask Mode: Delivers better speech understanding through masks.
  • The Signia app: Provides access to hearing aid controls, streaming capabilities, tinnitus therapy, the Signia Assistant for 24/7 digital support, Signia Telecare for remote care support, and much more.

“Beyond a hearing aid breakthrough, AX is a significant leap forward for the broader technology industry,” continued Lauriette. “For as long there’s been the promise of virtual and augmented reality, augmented hearing – that seamlessly and automatically adapts to the wearer even in fully-immersive environments – has been understood to be a linchpin for true immersion. With AX, Signia is bringing the market one significant step closer to achieving this vision.”

Signia Pure Charge&Go AX: Combining Modern Design and Ultimate Connectivity

Built on the AX platform, the iconic Pure Charge&Go AX features a sleek hearing aid design that is both comfortable and discreet. As the company’s smallest rechargeable hearing aid of its kind, Pure AX’s smaller size can make it easier and more comfortable to wear with glasses and/or face masks.

The Pure Charge&Go AX also comes available for individuals with single-sided deafness, and with an optional T-Coil, which enables the wearer to pick up sound signals in public places like train stations, theaters, and museums.

Pure AX boasts up to 36 hours of wear time on a single charge and features convenient connectivity to Android and iPhone for effortless direct streaming. It is available in Black, Graphite, Dark Champagne, Silver, Pearl White, Fine Gold, Deep Brown, Sandy Brown, Rose Gold, and Beige color options.

For more information on Signia Augmented Xperience, visit Signia.

*Jensen NS, Branda E, Weber J. Improving speech understanding with Signia AX and Augmented Focus. Signia White Paper. 2021.

About Signia

Signia is one of the world’s leading hearing aid brands. We aim to enhance human performance through iconic innovations and consumer-friendly designs that shape the hearing health market. Since its launch in 2016, Signia has regularly brought world-first hearing solutions to the market and is a pioneer in rechargeable hearing technology.

In addition to highly innovative hearing aids, Signia also delivers tools and apps to increase customer interaction and engagement at all levels of hearing aid management. Signia, and its hearing care professionals, enable hearing aid wearers to not just correct hearing loss but to gain an edge – to Be Brilliant.


Excitement? Is that a mistranslation?! No excitement where I live - we’re a miserable bunch.

I am confused now by Signia. Were they a merger between Siemens and Widex? Does this mean Widex is no more and Signia hearing aids are a result of the collaboration of Siemens and Widex?

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A brand like sneakers, Nike, Adidas, etc., so hearing aids will be under several names, all under the leadership of WS audiology. In addition to Widex and Signia, there are also Rexton, AudioService etc

Similar to the SONOVA Group, it owns several brands Phonak, Unitron, Hansatom.


Looks interesting. They will certainly be worth considering.

I wonder how much?

I wouldn’t be interested if they don’t offer a non-rechargeable option.

IDK. At the end of the day this is a medical device. When the head of branding is stating things like “almost superhuman level of hearing” I start to get nervous. That’s the kind of over the top claim that may be above the level of “puffery” which can squeak by regulators, and misleading to those , especially those new to HAs, as to the reasonable expectations of the product.

Maybe this is a matter of translation if it were not stated in English, but IME, EU countries are really good at making sure the language is clean. I’m not sure what to make of the seemingly over the top claims and description they’re giving.

I’ve been reading about the new Signia Pure Charge + Go AX hearing aids. Has anyone had a chance to trial these hearing aids or seen any reviews? Are they even available for sale in the U.S. yet?

I am very interested in their new Augmented Focus™ and Augmented Xperience (AX) platform which uses two separate processors: one for sounds in focus, the other for surroundings. I’ve been hesitant about rechargeable hearing aids but they are advertising 36 hours on a single charge with 5 hours of streaming. Any additional information would be appreciated.

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I’m in the process of having to replace my Widex 100 HA as our dog managed to eat one of them, so I thought it a good idea to update them, fortunately they are insured.
One audiologist has suggested the Augmented Xperience HA which have just been launched here in New Zealand. I have been looking at the online advertising for these and to my old ears it makes me feel I’m on a different planet, but that aside I’m nervous about trying something so new.
Until these new Signia HA came up I had my mind set on the Phonak P70 or P90. So now I think I will just wait a bit to see if any information comes up on the new Signia, there’s no hurry as I still have one working HA.

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I recently bought the signia pure charge and go AX after using the pure NX for four years. I like the aids in all ways except I can’t understand the words on TV, radio and some people. The sound is distorted, not clear. Other than that, I do like it and hope my audiologist can find the problem. Good luck.

How was the Signia Pure NX? Were you able to hear clearly with that one?

I trialled the AX7’s for a month and now the 5’s for two weeks. Understand that my interest is primarily for playing classical guitar, so I have different criteria than most. I had problems with the 7’s in terms of warbling while playing guitar, but that might have been due to faulty aids or the acoustics in my very small, low ceilinged studio, which I’ve addressed. The sound quality of the 5’s for music is superb, and the warbling issue is largely gone. I wore these at a small dinner party that began with two recorder players and a harpsichordist doing their thing. Again, the music program for this is great, no feedback or other issues at all. I also attended a classical concert with the 7’s; sound was superb. Hearing conversation at the table was actually much louder than I was used to–I should have turned the volume down but didn’t. However I had no problems with understanding any speech, but then I have pretty good speech recognition overall. The aids are far more powerful than my old Phonak Naidas. The audi who’d never worked with them listened with a stethescope when I came in with issues with the 7’s and instantly said, “wow,. these things are loud!”. He meant it in a good way.The sound is very, very clear too. that was the very first thing that I noticed.

Honestly I think these are worth a try. I haven’t used a lot of aids so I don’[t have much to go on in terms of comparison. I haven’t been in a noisy situation due to covid, but the dinner had a lot of conversation between the four of us, two to speaking to each other, and I was able to hear first one partner at one end of the table and then another at the other end perfectly well. And all over the other voices. Oh, and there were five of us initially at the house ‘concert’–really just three people who love to play music reading baroque pieces, and two others–and again, no issues with understanding people even tho I was using the "live music’ program. Come to think of it, I may have forgotten to change out of that program for dinner…!

I thought that the 7’s were finicky for music, but again the demos may have been faulty or I simply had to work through the issues. By the time I trialed a new pair of 5’s my programs were adjusted and they worked great for music and everything else. So perhaps the extra processing of the 7’s caused issues, or not! Hard to know. I’m going to purchase the 5’s.

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Yes. I never had this problem with any of my aids so I’m hoping they find the problem and it gets fixed. Maybe distortion is not the right word but I can’t think of another one. But talking to a person one on one is fine. I hear women better then men so maybe it’s the base?

Unfortunately I have to have the 7’s. I sing in a choir and my NX’s were right on pitch. Your answer does give me some hope that these can be fixed.

I never had this problem with my Phonak Naida’s either. The AX7’s would be superb, and then the ‘warbling’. or cheap electric guitar chorus pedal effect would kick in. AX’s musician program has the feedback function turned as low as it goes, according to my audi. I wonder if it needs to be completely off. Also: turning volume way down can help–I can still hear my guitar perfectly fine at 2 or 3. And then, turning down gain on decibels that are approaching or exceeding the upper limits of what the aids can handle. Your audi can see this on her computer.

And then getting the right fit for domes seems to help.

Again, the 5’s are far better for this and still sound great. Too bad you have to have the 7’s. Best of luck!

maybe trial the 5’s?

After a year I was able to find a new audiologist thankfully. This person does not know what she is doing. My aids were totally programmed wrong. My new audiologist programmed them correctly and I now have no problem understanding people or singing. She will perform a couple of tests plus a new audiogram when I see her next. I cannot believe the other audiologist is still in business. I can finally hear like I should.

You are not in Melbourne Australia by any chance? I would ask for recommendation.
My wife is trialling the Signia Insio (ITC) 5AX. Apart from the audiogram, straight out of the box with factory defaults.
She is quite happy with them. Has some comments, but the audiologist is not responding.
I am losing confidence that she knows much about these HAs, and how to fit/program them properly.

What sort of tests is your audiologist going to do? I would appreciate very much if you could let me know, either here or Private Message.

No, we are in the states. I’m not an audiologist but have seen many of them unfortunately. I don’t know what tests she will do and even if I did know, everyone is different. I know the ones I have been happy with know how to fit, program and adjust my hearing aldes. Whenever I went to a new audiologist they would do a hearing test first, we would talk and seen which aid would be appropriate for me. They are available with questions on the phone. I have the Signia AX7.
I’m sorry I can’t offer more help but I hope I answered some of your questions. I know it can be frustrating. Good luck.

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