Signia Insio NX CIC hearing aid programming

I have a Insio NX CIC Signia Hearing aid and I have the software and a HiPro when I try to detect the hearing aid, software says the hearing aid not supported through cable. I have the Signia Connexx software version 9.2.1 does this mean maybe I got the wrong cables or I have to purchase a wireless device. I have the Noahlink Wireless and I look at the chart its not compatiable, The audiologist put something around my neck to access hearing aid when I was in their office.

I am not familiar with Signia software. But, I would think somewhere in the software it tells you what fitting devices are needed for your aids.
Do your aids come up in the software?

Most likely a ConnexxAir programming device,NX models are supposed to be supported by version 9 software.

With Hi Pro and cables it cannot detect the hearing aid should I go back to version 8, but I order the ConnexAir Programming device off ebay for $386.00 after shipping and tax. I should have it here by June 9, 2020

Wow that’s expensive! But I just checked again in connexx version 9.2 and your model is supported. But only the wireless model of Insio NX CIC+ WL is supported with ConnexxAir. Non wireless is with HiPro.