Signia Cellion tones - what do they mean?

I have a pair of Signia Cellion rechargeable hearing aids which I have had since March 2017.

The left hearing aid has been sounding a descending series of about 6 or 7 tones,

I cannot find any documentation of what the tones mean in the user guides or on the Signia website.

I think this is a low battery warning but I want to verify that, or find out what they really mean.

The original batteries were replaced in March 2019, so this set is only a little more than a year old. I charge them fully overnight every night.

Thanks for your help

Sounds like a low battery indicator tone if they are descending. Defective battery?

I also use signia HA. I use regular batteries. That descending tone sequence on my Signia Pure 312 is low battery indicator…hope this helps.