Signia advance 6 hearing aids

ok today i got the signia advance 6 hearing aids. i had phonak audeo v30 aids. the audi said the signia are not any better that the phonak audeo v30 are. that may be so but the insurance paid so we will see.

the audi said these will not auto adjust and that i have use the buttons to change between 4 programs. and the volume i’m used to anyway. what i want is to find the fitting software for these so i can do my own tweaks. i have fitting software for the moxie and the phonak but not the signia aids. i know i will have to get the programmer but i will need the fitting software before i spend the $ on a programmer.

also how many here have the signia advance 6 aids and are happy with them? i have 60 days to try them and if in 60 days they do not seem to work i will just return them and go back to the phonak audeo v30 aids and be done with it.


No clue. I can’t find any info on them in Signia literature. Can you provide more info? What country were they purchased in? Do they perhaps go by a different name? What style are they? (RIC, BTE, ITE, etc.)

My google-fu ran out, too.


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Can you explain a bit more, are these NHS or government issued models, can you post a picture of them, I can’t find that model listed in the product line.
Signia uses Connexx software.
are they wireless/Bluetooth?

Only ‘advance’ HAs I know of are from Specsavers but unsure if they are around the world.

If they are from Specsavers, they may not be from Specsavers, they’ll be locked.