Siemens V. Starkey V. Rexton

I have been reading this forum for a couple of weeks now and I really enjoyed the good “feedback” and information that can be found here.

I have been wearing hearing aids for about 10 years now. My first pair were behind the ear with a closed fitting. Although I wore them for about seven years I never had a good day with them.

In August of 2005:rolleyes: bought a pair of Siemens Acuris Life BTE with an open fittiing. I truly loved the lack of discomfort although I had some difficulty understanding especially in a noisy situation.

I recently tried out a pair of Starkey Dynasty 1200 BTE with the receiver in the ear. I liked the natura sound they provided and I particularly liked they’re ability to suppress unwanted sounds in a noisy environment. They were much better than the Siemens in both the hearing quality and the ability to suppress noise like say in a restaurant.

I returned them to the provider because I felt like $5,000 for two of them was too much.

Yesterday I was fitted with a pair of Rexton Revo Plus BTE with RIC at Costco’s for a price of $3100 for two with a 60 day trial period. Although it is too soon to make a judgment just yet it does appear that the Starkey’s have a more natural sound quality.

I understand that the Rexton is similar or identical to the Siemens Centra Active.

I have moderate to severe hearing loss, mostly in the upper frequencies.

Just wondering if there is anyone on this board that has experience with these three AIDS or suggestions on others that I might look at.

rexton instruments are identical to siemens …
@ least most of its product range

I tried the Audibel Virtue 12 OTE DSD’s. They are identical to the Starkey Destiny 12’s. Both are made by Starkey. I wore them for a couple of weeks and loved them. I work in IT and being able to talk on the phone hands free is critical to me. The Virtue 12’s don’t have a tele-coil so I traded them in for the Phonak IX’s.

I only paid $2990 for the pair Audibels and was quoted $2740 for the Starkey’s when I was doing some price shopping. Maybe you can check with other hearing centers in your area and still get the Starkey’s.


I honestly think that the Destiny hearing aids will be hard to beat. And in all fairness that’s not outrageous for that model, I’ve seen it sell for a lot more.

Your professional may even offer a bit of a discount if you explain that the only reason you returned them is the price. Don’t be afraid to ask, the prices are not set in stone.