Siemens Teneo M+ earhook query

I need to change the ear hook on a BTE Siemens Teneo M+ hearing aid, and I have bought a replacement hook for that model.

It looks like the old hook (not dismantled yet) is screwed on to the hearing aid and I was expecting to see a threaded hole in the new hook. But the hole in the new hook is a plain hole and not threaded so I am wondering if a thread is cut in the hook by rotating it onto the hearing aid ?

If anyone knows the answer I would be very grateful. Thanks very much in advance for any help.

Maybe @Um_bongo could help?

Sorry not 100%. Might be push fit, we don’t fit Siemens aids at all.

Thanks very much for both responses, they are appreciated. I have wondered if it might be a push fit, though I wonder if that is less likely in the apparent absence of a pin or other securing device. I’ve got a photo of the hook to be changed and the “threads” - or ridges maybe - are visible through the plastic hook, but I can’t make out from the photo which they are. Thanks again

Are you sure the new hook is the correct hook for the aids?

I looked up the aids you are asking about and Connevans shows two part numbers that fit those aids. The pictures were not detailed enough to see what you are asking about.

Hi, and thank you for checking on that. The new hook I have is one of the two part numbers that Connevans list for the hearing aid. I’ve seen photos of both part numbers and the one that I didn’t get is much shorter than the one I needed, perhaps only half its length. So I think I’ve got the right one, it’s just that I’d like to be sure of the way to fit it. Thanks again, Adrian.

A close up picture of that aid you are trying to replace the hook might help.
A general internet search for Siemens ear hooks shows a pin that holds the hook in place. The female threads or groves also show on most Siemens ear hooks.

An email to Siemens might help.

Ah - I have photos but as a new user I found I can’t upload attachments, sorry.

It’s a good idea to email to Siemens, I’ll do that.

On the subject of a pin, both the old hook and the new hook have a transverse hole going through the hook, fairly close to the hearing aid. Looking at the new hook, there is a rectangular section blind hole going into the hook from the “hearing aid joint face”, this hole running parallel with the unthreaded circular hole below it and its width is about the same as the unthreaded hole’s diameter. The transverse “pin hole” - if that is what it is - runs through the side walls of the rectangular hole.

I have seen four of this type of hearing aid, all with the same elbow, and all four had the transverse holes but apparently no pin in it. And looking at the elbow from the side, the bottom half of the mating face of the hook is in contact with the hearing aid as you’d expect , but there appears to be about a parallel 0.5 to 1mm gap between the hearing aid and the top half of the mating face of the hook. so it doesn’t look like any lug or anything can be protruding from the hearing aid into that rectangular hole in the hook.

I’ll see what Siemens say, and many thanks again for your help.