Siemens pure 7bx M bluetooth conectivity

Hello I am new here I hope you can help me. My pure 7 work fine at least as far as I know they do. I can connect to my iPhone 8 to control my ha but why can’t I use them to answer phone calls listen to radio or music or am I missing something perhaps an app or something, I did have medallion thing which was great everything was routed from my phone to my ha unfortunately it didn’t like salt water so is now dead. It seems to me with Bluetooth connectivity I should be able to get sound from my phone directly to my ha.

I have a KS8 which is basically the same as the Signia 7Nx. If that is what you have and it is MFi then it should work. Mine works with an i7 phone.

First check that it is paired properly. Go to Settings, General, Accessibillity, MFi Hearing Devices, to make sure your hearing aids are connected. Then check Audio Routing. I have both Call Audio and Media Audio set to Automatic.

Tip: You can get to the MFi HA control screen with a quick triple touch of the Home button.

Hope the helps.

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Hi thank you for your reply, I have tried to Pair my ha with the control app but no luck, they do pair with the touch control app which allows me to control my ha but nothing else, I am wondering if my Siemens pure 7 box M are in fact MFI compatible maybe too old?

See this Apple Link for some more help. I believe at some point Siemens transitioned into Signia in most of the world. The Apple link lists (near the bottom of the page) the Signia Pure models as MFi.

If you go to that MFi Hearing Devices page which for sure should be on your i8 phone, you should be able to confirm the hearing aids are MFi or not. If they are not then I suspect you will be unable to pair them. Keep in mind that you have to do the MFi pairing first and it is independent from pairing you do with an app.

In the Rexton world there are two apps. One is Smart Remote which does basic remote control of the hearing aids. It is compatible with older phone. The other is Smart Direct which give full control. Signia call it myControl. That link gives you more detail on what it can do. Not sure what Siemens may have called it… In any case I do not believe you need the app to get your phone audio to your ears, just the MFi pairing.

But it is possible that under the Siemens name they did not apply for MFi certification…

The 7 bx is their binax series. It’s two generations before the current nx series which is Signia’s first made for iphone hearing aid. You need the “medallion,” also called EasyTek to able to stream from a smart phone. On the good side, the medallion allows hands free calls, but it is rather old technology now and they did have reliability issues. Hope that helps.

thank you for your reply, you have confirmed what I feared, i have had my HA longer than I thought time flies when you’re having fun. so I need to buy an up to date model, or an Easy tek

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