Siemens Pure 500

Has anyone used these and have you been pleased with results.

I have the 500s and the Tek and I really like both and I haven’t had any problems to speak of.

I’ve had them for a year and a half. First ones ever.
If the audi deems them good for your hearing loss range then I think they’re ok.
However getting the programs right for your needs may vary from store to store. I’m work in varied acoustical environments every day and no one program does it all. Good thing there are 5.

The key to making 90% of HAs work is the programming by the audi. Some programmers get it the first few times, some struggle for years.
There’s no common language to describe the problems. IE: ocean roar, sounds like someones talking through a hose, cheeps, beeps and artifacts.
I still can’t listen to a church organ without the HA’s going nuts.
Find a very experienced programmer familiar with the model you are buying.


Many thanks. G.

I have one just for my right ear, and I’m happy with it. I would agree that it’s dependent on the device being set up correctly. Originally mine were not set up with enough volume for the bluetooth function. I got it specifically for the problem of hearing people speak in a noisy environment, so I don’t use it while in the house or watching TV (where I can take the volume down to 1 and still hear if the room is quiet). When I first got it I was amazed at many of the heard better. My only complaint would be that the Tek device is somewhat clunky for using Bluetooth, but because of the display it’s a much better device to control the HAs than some of the lesser devices Siemens offers.

They are hard to program… and it is important to get the right Audi.
and that means they specialize in Siemens.