Siemens Pure 500 Worst Aids Ever

I’ve had these aids for three years, with the TEK remote. I have had the worst experience of my life. The problems requiring them to be sent back to the factory are too numerous to mention. Can’t wear them outside as they are so moisture sensitive that it corrupts my aids almost immediately.

The TEK has quit working now; damn if I will buy another.

As soon as I can afford new aid, I will get them, but it won’t be Siemens.


Where do you live Ken that the moisture level is so high?

I am currently wearing new RIC 75 db pure 510 karat. I am happy with everything except in the noisy background. Hearing speech in noise inside busy lunch break crowd fastfood is not so great like I hear million chicken in the background.

I agree. But I only had one SiemensPure300. I only kept it for 18 months - and it was sent back THREE times under warranty. I was considering having two Pures with the MiniTek, but Siemens wouldn’t upgrade my old 300 to a 301. The old Pure300 would not pair with the MiniTek so I sent the 300 in for repair and purchased two Phonak Solanas, an Icom and PilotOne remote (which I have since lost and replaced with a WatchPilot2 remote). My audiologist did not even bother to contact Siemens. She told me they were difficult to deal with and that she knew they would not give me any kind of a discount to upgrade one aid from a Pure300 to a Pure301. She said I would have to pay full price. I don’t beleive I’ll be purchasing another Siemens hearing aid product again.

I had a similar experience with my one Pure300 hearing aid. It was returned THREE times within 18 months for similar problems. When my audi finally talked me into getting two HA’s, I was all set to get a Pure301 and MiniTek; but my old Pure300 would not pair with the MiniTek and had to be sent in for repair. She would not even contact Siemens about upgrading my old Pure300 to a newer Pure301 saying that she knew they would make me pay full price for a new pure301.

So, instead, I purchased two Phonak Solana hearing aids. I also got the ICom with the TV transmitter as well as the PilotOne remote (which has since been lost and replaced with a WatchPilot2 remote). The ICom connects the aids to bluetooth devices, but unlike the MiniTek, you will have to have another device for remote control of the aids. The ICom battery life is not as long as I would like it to be, and you have to be careful if you leave your phone on your desk and step into another room because the phone (mine is a Motorola Droid) may disconnect, and you can miss many calls before you realise it has disconnected. Phones that have “autoconnect” will not cause this problem. This only happens when you get the ICom too far away from the phone. When you charge the ICom, be sure not to let the lanyard/antenna flop over (It will cause some of the antenna strands to break and you’ll get lots of movement noise). To try and avoid this, I use a stuffed animal behind the ICom charger so I can keep the antenna/lanyard draped upward at all times as when hanging on the neck. All in all I am happy with my purchase. I have had my Solanas for about seven months and have had no problems. They are a much better quality product that the Pure300 that I had before.

I have a close friend (also an audiologist) that used to be a die-hard Siemens fan and even she stopped fitting them as much about 2 years ago because of poor product but more importantly, poor quality control and customer service. They have since improved in these areas but when a company goes through a difficult time like that word gets around and it can be hard to bounce back from.

Is it the aid or the person who programmed it ?

Has your account been hacked?

The thread is quite old.

Siemens is one of the three leading makers of aids worldwide. Very good designs and manufacture quality controls.

I find the posts denigrating their quality surprising and frankly suspicious. If authentic not representative of past performance of the majority of their products based on my years of being HOH and reading thousands of forum posts over many many years.

Sometimes people slam a brand for hidden reasons. Siemens has a loose price maintenance policy…maybe the problem? Dunno??? Ed :mad::wink:

The pure 500s weren’t the best aid, but they’ve been superseded now. It’s not really a relevant comparison of current product.

Siemens has had good products and bad products. They had massive design issues with the X00 series miniBTEs and RICs due to unexpected moisture buildup and corrosion in the battery doors. This has been resolved in the X01 series, but they lost a lot of business as a result of what has been perceived as a poor response to the problems which were well known about. I would be asking for a free upgrade to the 501’s while you wait for new aids.