Siemens Programming Cables (Connexx?)

I just got my Siemens Pure 700 and am would be willing to pay a decent penny to get my hands on a programming cable + software (I beleive you can download the software online but where where can I buy a programming cable)?

Thank you!

Try EBay Singapore. Do a search for (programming cables).

Here’s a forum topic on the subject of obtaining hardware/software.

But I still think you should learn more about fitting your loss before you buy hardware.

Thank you. I think I have found a cable on ebay. However, I read the thred and people talk about some hi-pro box, any idea what that is and if it is needed or optional in order to program the Siemens Pure? Looks like the software is available for download online, correct?

The guy from Singapore Ebay will sell a package deal cables + Hi-Pro + programming shoes (if your HIs require programming shoes, some do, some don’t).

This is a Hi-Pro below (with cables and shoes) and I recommend USB Hi-Pro and not the old serial Hi-Pro with compatibility problems.

The software may or may not be available on-line. Some manufacturers hide the latest version. Look at this thread for Programming the Oticon Epoq.

Sorry, the picture was lost.

Do you know what hi-pro does and why it is required? Sounds strange, why wouldn’t a computer with the right software plus cable be enough? I’m not in any way debating you, just find it strange - what does the hi-pro have that a regulare compture does not in 2010?

Look at the connections on the back of your computer and you probably will not find connections for HI-Right and HI-left.

Look at the front of the Hi-Pro. Lo, there they are, color coded even.

You should obtain the software and verify that it’s the correct/latest version before purchasing any hardware.

Got you. $600 sound expensive for just a “connector”. Thank you for your help.

Yeah, but $7000 is even more expensive for new hearing aids. You think the industry wants to make the connections standard/easy for the masses. Think again. They are heavily invested in keeping the status quo.

Keep attention!! Further CS cable (CS34) you need of battery pill cable adapter. This cable is Siemens proprietary and not purchasable by private…Also you need of instruments Siemens database but I do not know where to find it…

This fellow has a good package at a good price (not great, just good). You will still need any respective shoes.
Timothy Tran <>

hi every body the cbles are available in india with lower prices than the ebay. ebay prices i have seen is more 240$ plus shipping charges, i know the prices for all hearing aids like SIEMENS,RESOUND,OTICON,BELTONE REXTON,ELECTON is only one cable model for all of them and it costs not more than for pair left and right 160$.with shipping charges any were in the world,accessories are still less 10dollars only, you can mail to to the indian supplier and ask them the price of all company cables .software cd is free of cost but copy right cd.try there .you could save some money.