Siemens or Starkey


I’m going for my audiogram next week and was wondering if anyone could give me any advice on which hearing aid to choose from. I know this hearing aid centre carries both Siemens & Starkey. I would classify my hearing as moderately severe (will find out next week if its worse or not). I have been wearing AudioControle Solo for 6 years on and off. I was fitted with Oticon Tego 3 years ago but found it absolutely frustrating as despite all the appointments to adjust or tweak it did nothing to help my comprehension. So in disgust, I put them away & have been wearing this older pair.

Any help you provide will be appreciated.

Thank you.

I’ve had my Starkey Zon 7 HAs for a couple of weeks now and am very happy with them. Far superior to my previous aids.

I’m a very happy STARKEY HA owner/wearer… so I guess that makes me a little bit biased.

Shi-Ku (He who loves his STARKEY’s.) Chishiki

Thank you. What about Starkey Destiny or is ZON better? Does Zon really help with comprehension?

but my Starkey Destintys (1200, BTE)have improved my comprehension immeasurably.

The newest Starkey aids are called S Series and are really supped-up versions of the Destiny and should have the same cost.

Thanks for your input. The audi said that they were having problems with Starkey Destiny. After testing recommended Siemens Motion 300 for my hearing loss. Its BTE with a half shell. Has anyone ever tried Siemens Motion? Apparently they’re quite new.

I can tell you I have been working with the Destiny line for awhile and am very very happy with it. The S Series is even better.

you will be delighted with siemens wireless tecnology…

I don’t think the brand name is the issue. The key point is whether you find a good hearing aid dispenser that know how to adjust the sophisticated but complex digital hearing aid.
This is my own experience. I am also moderate severe hearing loss person. For the past 3 years, I have tried so many different digital hearing aids, all the brands you know, Siemens, Oticon, Starkey, Beltone, Bernaforn, from top end to enty level. I still could not find the right hearing aid. The reason is not the hearing aid or model. The reason is I could not find a right professional that know how to adjust the digital hearing aid to suit your unique hearing loss, your hearing needs, your unique hearing sensation etc. I have tried like 6 dispensers in these three years and almost found myself in despair and gave up and thinking about quit my job. Luckily, I found the real hearing aid professional that know how to adust the complex digital hearing aid to fit my hearing loss and my hearing needs. He recommended me to try Siemens, I forgot the model. I found the sound was too harsh and that bright person told me to try Oticon Epoq . After a few adjustments and also put a coating in the shell, I think I am satisfied with hearing aid now. You can ask Xbuler and other senior user that how many times I have told them I could not find the right digital hearing aid to replace my Beltone CSP-II programmable analog hearing aid. God, how can those like 90% hearing aid dispensers and audiologists don’t know how to adjust hearing aids to suit the needs of hearing loss person? Is there something wrong with the certification process or with the professional themselves. Good luck to everybody who are still striving to find the right hearing aids or replacing their analog hearing aids to digital hearing aids. Anyone is frustrated to find the right hearing aid specialist. I can refer the bright hearing aid professional in Canada to you.