Siemens Motion 300M

I’d like opinions on these. Thanks.

Right now I am in a trial period with a Siemens Motion 500. I am having a lot of problems with feedback and a hollow sound to my own voice. I have an appointment with my audi today and will see if he can do anything about that. If he can’t I do not intend to keep them. Otherwise I like them a lot. Mine are a full shell in the ear design.

Mine is the motion 300, with open tubes in the ear. No hollowness or feedback.

It is an excellent hearing aid.

It wasn’t set up properly.

Siemens is quite prone to feedback, and considering your voice sounds hollow, I would suspect you have very little venting on the aids already. You must have quite a severe loss for this configuration I would suspect. Apart from increasing venting, reducing low frequency gain (makes aid softer and less hollow) and reducing high frequency gain (to reduce clarity and feedback) and maybe changing the feedback manager speed or reshelling to make the shell fit tighter to stop sound leakage, there isn’t a lot that can be done I would imagine