Siemens, Hansaton, &?

I know that Hansaton hearing aids are basicly Siemen’s aids but at a better price, however, I heard that Hansaton and Siemens are parting ways. Does anyone know of any other company that is selling Siemen’s aids under a different label? Thanks!

Rexton aids are manufactured by Seimens. Miracle Ear aids are private-label aids manufactured by Siemens.

I believe Hansatan was purchased by Sonova and will switch their label to their product line.

Thanks, Latinist! I never would have guessed that!
Thank you!

Hansation will use Unitron tech.

Hansation is already shipping Phonak based units. They are Sound, Jam, Beat and Flow. The Sound is the same as a V90.
The new software has been shipped also.

No, it’s not. The Sound 9 is basically a Unitron Moxi2 Pro, which uses the older Era platform.

I stand corrected…Only repeating what I read.