Siemens centra active

I own a siemens centra active. I am :mad: I don’t like it. I don’t have much to compare to except a short 15 minute trial with a Phonak hearing aid. (not sure of the model maybe Elivia?). I was impressed with the Phonak at the time. Is the phonak really any better? Maybe mine is not properly adjusted? Does anyone else have any experience knowledge of the comparison of these two aides?:slight_smile:

Eleva or maybe Exelia? In any case 15 minutes isn’t enough time to tell anything. Get your hearing checked and do a 2 week trial period based on a recommendation from a hearing specialist/audiologist that you trust. From experience… Phonak, Siemens, and Oticon are good companies. Starkey (no recent personal experience) has some strong supporters on here and they are made in the USA.

it seems the pure is more advance than the phonak exelia,

I tried the Siemens centra active and it was not powerful enough for me. When I had them both on I was not hearing enough of a difference in the volume. I liked the aid itself and what it offered, small, rechargeable batteries a user friendly remote but it just didn’t work well enough for me. I am currently on week 3 of a trial with Phonak Exelia. We have had 3 adjustments so far and the volume is better. However I find them big and a bit uncomfortable. The Siemens and the Unitron Yuu I tried were smaller and more comfortable and I didn’t know I had them on. I am going to try the Micro version of the Exelia to see if that is any better. I am very disappointed that Phonak has no samples of any of their aids so you don’t know the size until you get it. This is a big pain in the neck as I have to order it to actually see it. Before these I wore a CIC in my left ear only for 25 years so I am not a newcomer to HAs. I agree with the last post get a good audi and discuss your loss and what aid will work best for you. Good luck!:slight_smile:

I have tried all the leading brands including two Phonak’s - exelia and another one, Epoq xw, one Starkey, One Gn Resound and the Centra Active. I stuck with the Siemens unit for two reasons. The audi knew both Siemenn and the Phonak’s inside and out and was willing to go through several rounds of “tweaking” with both. In the end I felt the overall adjustability, performance in varied situations and size made the difference for me.

You don’t say what you didn’t like but I postulate and I believe you will hear the same advice from the audi’s who help out on this site that the audiologist who fits the aid to you makes more difference than the ha itself.

My two cents.