Siemens Aquaris Battery Door Hinge

Purchased a pair of Siemens Aquaris aids about five weeks ago so I wouldn’t have to worry about rain and sweat causing problems. Have been pretty pleased with the performance so far that is until I opened the battery compartment door of one of the aids and it fell off. Seems the plastic hinge broke whichmeans I have to send them back for repair and considering the holidays, probably will be without them for awhile. I hope this isn’t a sign of things to come.

Wanted to post an update to my previous post. The turnaround time from Siemens was impressive. Dropped off the hearing aid at the audiologist on Monday and it was repaired and returned to the audiologist Thursday afternoon.

The audiologist should have been able to replace the battery door, I would think.

If they did it probably would void the waterproof warranty.

Not once the hinge pin has come out.

Well, not entirely true. I can replace the hinge pin and use shell material and a UV light to cure the shell again. But if this broke once, it WILL break again if I patch it at the office. So you are putting off the inevitable - sending in to the manufacturer for repair.


any update on Siemens solution for this issue? really need to know, since looking at getting a set to replace problem aids.