SHL that destroyed my life

Hello, world.

I decided to share my story with only people that can understand me. I’m sorry for bad English or wrong names for medical stuff. I’m not English native speaker but this is the first place where I see more information than “SHL happens”.

It all started 6 months ago, I was still 19 (!!). It was a few days after New Year’s Eve, I was getting ready for going back to college. I took a nap during the day, was feeling absolutely good. Then I woke up and heard some weird noises. I didn’t know that yet, but it was tinnitus. After a few minutes I found out that I cannot hear the television in my right ear at all! Nothing except that irritating hum. After next few minutes I had dizziness when I was trying to stand up or sit, like in a boat during the strom. I didn’t know what was going on so… I started to cry. After 2 hours my parents came back home and took me to the doctor. He didn’t know what to do so told me to come back the next day to the ENT doctor. Next morning was terryfing. The dizziness was so strong that I was about to throw up, couldn’t walk straight. I was taken to the hospital and got first steroids to my veins. I spend there a week, had MRI (everythng was OK), VNG (result wasn’t correct what explained the dizziness) and audiogram (all freq about 70-80 dB). The whole next month I spend in different hospitals where I had all the test done for a few times and I got about 6 steroid injections under my eardrum. I was even at two sessions in hyperbaric chamber, but after second I was vomiting so hard that I lost consciousness (probably because of pressure change). At home I was taking steroid pills for next 2 weeks. What is the result? My audiogram now is:

freq dB
125 25
250 25
500 35
1K 40
2K 60
4K 70
8K 75

So I have my low freq back and… I gained 15 kg thanks steroids. Nothing more :frowning: But it’s not the hearing loss that is the worst for me.

I hate tinnitus that I have all day, always. I hate that if I hear something in my right ear it sounds like I would be under the water! It’s terrible because I’m tired of people’s voice, I’m often tired of my own voice! And what is more- I am hypersensitive for sounds. Going through the city center is enough to cause my headache. Now I sit at home so I don’t leave it often but I am going to start my studies again in a few months and I’m afraid of it. Now I sleep for 10 hours a day because I am still tired of all the noise and my tinnitus. How am I supposed to focus on books? How am I supposed to meet new people when I’m losing my mind? That situation is worse than feeling real pain cause there is no pill for it… There is no real treatment. Tomorrow I’m visiting my audiologist for trying first HA (she is aiming at Oticon Alta 2, will see). I hope that HA will help me to go back to life and fight that torture.

Anyone had a similar boucket of ailments at the same time? :frowning: Now I feel like an alien because noone around can understand what I am going through…

You had what is referred to as Meniere’s Disease. It isn’t an actual disease but a collection of symptoms. You got the best, prompt treatment. You loss listed isn’t bad but Meniere’s can have its own side effects. Word Recognition Scores are very important here. They are an indicator of a problem between the ear and brain.

I had Meniere’s 3 yrs ago next August. I didn’t get a prompt a treatment as you. My WRS is low. But, the strong tinnitus I had is now moribund. Hopefully, time will eliminate or reduce it. Tinnitus is also helped by hearing aids for may who report much reduced tinnitus.

My Meniere’s lasted about 3 months with periodic bouts of nausea, vertigo etc. Some don’t get rid of the attacks. You seem to have done so. Count that a blessing.

At the beginning doctors suspected Meniere’s Disease but then it was excluded by too deep hearing loss. Moreover, my dizziness disappeard completely after 3 weeks of taking medicines. I haven’t got them anymore since then. The VNG and hearing test result showed the inner ear damage what caused dizziness and all the stuff. But what is the most interesting, MRI result said that my hearing nerve is ok, but a few times a day I’ve got something like electric impulses (?) in my head… They appear when I am tired (or during waking up) and then I swallow or hear sudden loud noise… Very weird, the ENT doctor doesn’t know what I am talking about.

Meniere’s, as I said, is more a collection of symptoms than an identifiable disease. You might want to get a referral to a neurologist. Your WRS scores are very telling at this point. Do you know what they are?

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Not being a doctor I would not know what is wrong but I can say my hearing is worse ( will get around to posting at some point) I have had tinnitus for as long as I can remember and I think that it may be too quiet if it ever went away. If you are fitted with H/A there is a chance that the tinnitus will go away. Do not waste your time and energy on the fake pills on the internet they do not work. If you hate the sound of your voice it may just be a temporary issue that will change once your brain adjusts to it. Loss of hearing is not a death sentence. As for The tinnitus hopefully, the hearing aids will help or you will get used to it

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What we have is a poster who recently lost hearing at a young age and thinks it is the end of the world.

Can we all just grow up and help this poster and save the personal attacks for the Phonak vs Primax vs Oticon threads where they belong?

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It isn’t the doctor missed it. Try a reading comprehension clinic. You think it insignificant when he suffered intense vertigo, nausea, and a hearing loss? Having been that route, I tried to give him a little reassurance. I’ve discussed Meniere’s with my ENT and he said it is mostly misdiagnosed but the symptoms are broad and can address a number of issues. He considers only one doctor in the entire Chicago area capable of diagnosing true Meniere’s. Often a neurologist can help which appears to have been the case from his having the VNG.

I mentioned that briefly earlier with Meniere’s often being more a collection of symptoms associated with the disease which doesn’t have a true treatment regime. I asked him about his WRS scores to try to get an idea of the depth of the problem.

At no time did I recommend any treatment.

Maybe you need to be the one growing accoutrements or trying a pre-Altzheimer screening.

Best wishes from the “Daft Dodger” – a condition it appears we share.

I would visit to a neurologist. If your brain is producing electrical anomalies, a neurologist is the type of doc you want to examine you. I have hearing loss due to a brain illness earlier this year. My hearing loss came quickly. I too took steroids right away and maybe that is why my hearing loss is only moderate.

When I first got tinnitus (along with my hearing loss) I thought my attic fan was turning on because I didn’t know why I was hearing a constant buzzing. It wasn’t until I heard the buzzing outside that I realized it was in my head. It has gotten better with hearing aids. It doesn’t distract me while at work. I have two young kids and a noisy dog so there are no quiet moments at my home where tinnitus creeps up on me. I have learned to ignore it for the most part. Sometimes if it does bother me, I play nature sounds on my phone for a few mins. Their is an app from resound you can download for free - resound relief.

You’re only 19-20. Don’t let hearing loss and tinnitus disable you. I can understand the anxiety you feel about starting school again. I was out from work for 3 months due to my illness. When it became time to go back, I was worried about how my hearing loss would affect my job. Luckily it has had very little impact. I got my hearing aids adjusted to help with some situations I was having trouble with. And I use a streamer for phone use at work. You might have to attend class and see what is your biggest struggle. Could a mic be clipped onto your professor to get the sound in your hearing aids, etc. I spent all that time worrying for nothing. Use the tools available to you to overcome your hearing impairment - hearing aids are probably a good starting point.

my voice also sounds funny without my hearing aids. With the aids on, it sounds much more natural.

Here’s the best info on Meniere’s that I’ve come across.

About your audiogram above, is that for both ears? Both ears the same?

If so, hearing aids can help this, tinnitus gets easier to deal with, usually, as long as the level doesn’t increase, so you may be able to work through this and be much better in a few months. But, it will mean dealing with the loss and, eventually, putting it behind you.

Hearing loss, like any loss, involves some grieving over what you have lost. That’s normal but you will go through all the steps of grief. After the grief, and after you get hearing aids, and after the period of time it takes for your brain to consider the sounds through the hearing aids as normal (a few months), you will be able to continue a happy and successful life. It will be up to you to take each one of these things and put them in their proper place at the proper time, and eventually put them behind you.

We should be here to help not belittle each other.

Just curious does speech/hearing take 6 month or more to improve for new HA user?